the attack of the blue an black

well i refiled my lexmark black in cartrige and now my printer wount print in colour . its only printing in blue an black. i have tried to reinstall the whole softwware but i cant seem to get any colour pages. what am i doing wrong?
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  1. you probably have to buy another cartridge
    refills dont really work anymore.
  2. what do you mean blue and black??? are the blue and black where they are supposed to be? or it it printing blue instead of black? or blue and black mixed together?
  3. Often when you refill a cartridge the print nozzles get clogged. You can try running a nozzle cleaning function on your printer's software (if it has that feature). You can try setting the nozzles against a lightly moistened paper towel to try to clear the nozzles. If that works you can then lightly rub the contacts clean. If that won't work then you will probably need a new ink cartridge. Refilling a cartridge will usually work if you do it before the cartridge is completely empty.
  4. /evil mode on

    Buy yourself a Canon printer that has a cost-per-page equal to HALF that of the lexmark you are using (and thus paying for itself within a year) and you won't need to refill cartridges anymore. Give your lexmark a trip to 'inkjet heaven', aka the bin.

    /evil mode off
  5. i have a couple of lexmark printers and the inkcartridges
    are a bit of a pain in the ass.

    29$us for black and 39$us for color. this is locally in oklahoma
    hell i can buy a wholenew one for 79$

    i i am <how the young ones say it getting owned> lol.

    but then agian microsoft does it too.
  6. Sad to say it, but I've been there, and done that..
    Refills fuk up the printer nozzles, quite possible it will never get good again, cheap ink appears to have too large particles and will permanently mess the printing up...

    My old Epson never worked after a refill, (actually a "pirated" cartridge)
  7. hell i think they put little cpus in the cartridges
    so they wont take a refill.
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