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My current computer is a PoS Dell Dimension 8300 with a P4 3ghz Northwood C.And my vid card the Radeon 9800 Pro has overheats to the point where I can't even load a 3D game after a cold boot.

All I have is an AGP slot so should I get this card
Connect3D X850

or an X1600.

I was also wondering, if I did get either card would my PSU be able to support it?
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  1. The X850 should be good.

    The X1600 performs simmilarly to the 9800pro. It only has the newer SM3 and some other newer techs, but it's not powerfull enough to run them smoothly.

    Check your 9800 for dust in the hs/f and check if the fan is still spinning.
  2. Yeah, I've cleaned out all the dust in the Heat sink with manually and with a duster. And the fan is spinning.

    Okay I just got done talking to a Dell rep and they said that the PSU is only rated to 305watts and recommended watts is 350. So I guess I am out of luck, since its impossible to find a new Power supply that fits this Dell.
  3. This cooler should cool your graphics card really well.

    and inlcude this one also, Artic Silver 5 thermal paste.
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