Help! Something wrong with my nero?

My cdburner and dvdrom both work perfectly but the problem is that they are not displayed as a recorder in nero.. I can use my cdburner and dvdrom to play games or listen to music but they don't appear in nero so I can't burn anything.. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
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  1. The CD Burner doesn't appear under the Recorder > Choose Recorder menu?
  2. nope, thats why i can't burn anything =\
  3. Are you using an OEM version of Nero, specifically, one that says "This software will only work with the CD Burner it came bundled with."?
  4. nope.. it worked before but after i did system restore or something, it didn't work no more
  5. i even installed a different version of nero and it still doesn't work
  6. Download and run ForceASPI. Your ASPI layer may be FUBAR.
  7. i tried forceaspi and it didn't fix the problem..
    the only recorder detected in choose recorder is still only 'image recorder'.. no dvd burner or dvd rom drive detected
  8. I don't think this should matter, but go to your My Computer folder and right click your burner drive, and go to properties. Make sure "enable CD recording" is checkmarked.

    At this point, I'm afraid I can't help. A reinstall might be your only hope. :(
  9. I'm afraid that "Enable CD Recording" only turns on Windows XP built-in cd burning and won't help nero.

    Have you tried uninstalling the cd-burner driver in device manager and rebooting??? that would be my first step.

    But yes also OEM versions of nero will not work with any drive other than the one it was bundled with... but if you're sure its not that then don't worry. if you aren't sure, uninstall nero and download the trial version from nero's website, it will work for a couple of weeks and might help you pinpoint the problem.

    Also, have a look in Nero InfoTool that comes with Nero. It shows info about drives and what supported burning modes they have, might give you an idea.

    Lastly, disable or uninstall any cd emulation software, like DaemonTools, ImageDrive, AnyDVD, etc. They can stuff things up.
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