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I've been researching purchasing a new pc for sometime now. I have a budget of around $1000 CDN (flexible). Mainly a gaming pc. I'd like to go Conroe, but given my budget, if it's not a possibility I won't be heartbroken turning to AMD.
I haven't found many motherboards available in canada that support the new Conroe cpus. Most of the popular US online stores no longer ship here, so that is a bit of a hang up.
Anyway, I'd appreciate any and all suggestions. I do NOT need a Monitor, Mouse or Keyboard. Parts I require are the standard, Motherboard, Case, CPU, Memory, CD/DVD drive, Video Card. I am not concerned at all about noise or appearance of the case, so I can skimp some cash there, and I have no need for SLI/Crossfire. 1gb of memory is plenty for now, I'll be able to purchase more soon enough.

Thanks in advance for any input
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  1. GPU: BFG 7900GT $279 (if you have the extra cash, this is a GREAT deal)
    If you cant sping for that just get a solid 7600GT $219
    CPU: E6300 $250
    RAM: ADATA 1024MB PC4200 $101
    Case: Antec Sonata 2 w/450Watt PSU $120 (this is assuming you need a PSU as well)
    Mobo: Asus P5B $225

    Price With the 7900GT (Before tax): $975
    After Tax: $1122
    Price With the 7600GT (Before tax): $915
    After Tax: $1052

    Notes: These prices are all Canadian and if you live in Toronto you can get all these parts at the stores (no shipping cost!)
    That 7900GT is one of the best prices around, if your going to game IMO it is a much better idea to get the 7900GT seeing the cost/performance difference between the cards.
    Another idea would be to get a cheap generic case and buy a Antec TruePower 2 480Watt PSU for somewhere in the 95-100 dollar range. For about 65 bucks you can pick up a great case in the Kingwin SK-523BKW (at if your feeling like you want to have a quality case at a low price.

    Hope this helps! Happy building!
  2. I've bought from and before but not the others... is in vancouver so if you live there try them out.

    The motherboard is $20 cheaper at NCIX. I find they are the closest thing to newegg that we have in Canada.
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