Begining phisical dump memory

What does this error mean and what is the source,it's thew blue screen with the white writing I get it some times when i play a game or watch a movie i have the latest drivers and bios on every thing in my pc.

Thanks for the help
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  1. Driver problems. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's bug-free. Went through the same problem in High-End raiding with World of Warcraft on my nVidia GeForce FX 5700LE, the Unified driver would cause lock ups on what seemed to be random occassions (but only in higher end areas, Blackwing Lair, and AQ40) then eventually blue screen and began a physical memory dump. (Yes, i know, card sucks, leave me alone!; new system build for Christmas =) )

    There should be a line segment somewhere in the blue screen page that says something to the effect of a .dll file having a problem. If its an nVidia driver its something along the lines of NvDisp.dll.
  2. Thanks for the reply man and it's not from nvidia i had that problem it's for someting else,and don't be ashamed with your video card,we all have our bad days :) and i have the unified drivers for my MB,and will change them with the original ones ore someting else,tanks for the reply
  3. Try going back to an earlier video driver.
  4. No problem man, good luck with all that and make sure to reply on whether or not it works out for ya!
  5. Quote:
    Driver problems. Just because it's new doesn't mean it's bug-free.

    Don't assume anything until you know what the blue screen error code is....
  6. You should write down the error code and google it. It doesn't always mean a driver issue. In my experience....a blue screen usually means failing hardware at some point in the line. If it happens usually during 3d games, you can almost bet it'll be your video card. If it happens while running many programs at once, or a couple of memory intensive programs like photoshop, it could mean bad ram. It's always situational. The most you can do is check the error code (or stop code) and check that up online to see which component in your machine is causing your comp to bluescreen. After that, save reinstalling drivers, or reverting to older more stable drivers...its usually a hardware issue.
  7. OK i will do all of that,daaaah stupid of me not write down the code,i changed the MB driver with a new one nForce935UnifiedRemix-[] the first one was nForce 9.34 Unified Remix-[] and the original MB driver that came with it,but,so far so good no errors no freez up, nothing,will see and i will give you a reply
  8. Yeah same problem only this time it's a restart when playing POPt2t,just a restart no errors,if it's a hardware problem i will take the pc to service but not right not,any way,I am planing for a total upgrade in fall
  9. I dont wanna look like a noob but where do i do this setup,is it from the control panel ?,please be more specific becose i have never had this sistem craches and i am not used to them
  10. Your start up and recovery options are in your system properties. You can right click on "My Computer" and select properties and then go to the Advanced tab. There is a check box for auto restarting after error that you can uncheck in order to read the blue screen error code. Post your code and you might be surprised at how easy it might be resolved. While I agree with the above poster that quite a few error codes involve hardware failure, it is also pretty common in driver issues and .ini files.
  11. Well i got it here it is

    0x00000050(ox851a74e7 oxbf8b7193,0x00000000)
    ADRESS BF8B7193 BASE AT BF8000000 DATA STAMP 43446A58

    that is all,i think i need to reinstal the OS
  12. Well the win32k.sys that your system is crashing on is the windows multi-user driver, which after goggling seems to be a pretty problematic for alot of people. I asked a buddy about your error and he said that the "page fault in non-paged area" is RAM related almost every time. Something about the sytem referencing an invalid memory address. After spending a second googling this, it appears that is a very common cause of this error. If you haven't already, you should run memtest and check for RAM errors before you waste your time reinstalling on a machine that might have the same problem. If you can run memtest without errors than a Windows reinstall might be the easy answer.
  13. The MSDN site lists the following causes of this bug check:

    Faulty Hardware: If you have installed any new hardware recently, remove it and see if the blue screening stops.

    Faulty System service: This would require at least a repair install of the OS

    Corrupted NTFS volume: This one seems unlikely, but go to the Command Prompt, and type in chkdsk /f /r and reboot. Let the chkdsk operation finish.... see if the blue screening stops.
  14. OK pepole sorry to reply so late but a i d i o t cut my internet cable and i had to reconnect it ,thanks for your reply and i will try to check it all,but i think i should reinstal the os
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