how high can you overclock with third party air cooling


I am just curious that how high you can overclock with air cooling regardless of premium or value memory and motherboard. How high can you overclock without even raising vcore voltage. Just curious.

I can overclock 20% without losing stablity and modifying any voltage or setting. But when i go over 25% it crushed. Btw, i have pd 830.

Thanks for your response.

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  1. How much you can overclock will depend on too many factors to answer your question with a general number.

    the actual CPU, not just the model (each has a different OC potential)

    you can't exclude motherboard and memory because they have a huge impact on whether you can OC stable or not

    it will also depend on which third party air cooler, some of them are no better than stock
  2. almost every CPU on stock cooling could be overclocked 10%, and some even 20%... Going any more takes some skill and even more luck getting the right components for the best results...
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