Simple question really: Measuring temperatures

What is the best way to measure temperature?

Is there recommended software? Maybe a LCD panel that you put in the front?

Since im building my new rig next Tuesday, I figure i'd try and get a jump on this so I can start measuring my temps.

I appreciate it.
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  1. Best thing to use is everest home edition. It has now been discontinued but google search it and you will find it somewhere. It is the best and its free! :)
  2. I was going to recommend the same thing.... you can get Everest Home here
  3. yea well i beat you to it old hand :P lol
  4. The problem is not the software, but hardware: mobo ADC converters are very inaccurate and never calibrated.
    Software doesn't make any difference in measurement precision, so choose the one you like more... I personally love Everest because is simple and complete.
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