Razer diamondback plasma L.E.

This POS is starting to screw with me. Please help me if you have had any experience with this.

I have a match on monday, and practice until then. My mouse keeps losing connection to my computer while in game, and once it starts it does it one the desktop too. I play counterstrike source and world of warcraft. I have xp home edition. What happens is that the mouse will cease function, and sometimes come back to life and work again. It is a 5-10 second period where the mouse does not work. The light stays on. When it does this it makes the 2 chime noise that microsoft makes when you unplug hardware. When it comes back it makes the 2 chime noise that it makes when you plug new hardware back in.

On other occasions it loses connection, the light goes out, and stays out. I must unplug the mouse and plug it back in. It does this every 5 minutes or more frequent. I am running microsoft's latest mouse drivers for an HID compliant mice. I use them because it allows me to use the side buttons in counterstrike. It was working before, so I am not willing to use the razer drivers as the side buttons are important to me.

Please help,

lol support ticket that won't be answered until mid next week, yay. help...
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  1. why in the world can't you use the side buttons with the razer driver? also, how many other usb devices do you use? regardless of your psu the usb ports will only support so many powered devices.

    I have the razer driver installed and it allows you to customize the buttons so why wouldn't you use it?
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