EP-8KMM3i wont work a PCI card

:?: Hi all,I'm baffled.I can't get this mobo and my PCI cards to work.Everything else is fine.Windows xp sp2 says my apps and drivers are installed.I've got no video capture,no audio,nothing.I've tried various different cards,to no avail.I've been in bios and turned off onboard audio.I tried turning off on board Lan.Chipset drivers are in.My AGP card is fine,even a USB 2 card and a Lan card didn't work.So I'm going to bed.Can any one help,please.
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  1. Hi all,no wonder nobody could reply.I forgot to mention,this is my second mobo the shop I got it gave my another board which seemed to have the same issue.Would you adam n eve it?Whilst plugging leads in after swapping CPU etc from previous board, I plugged in my audio patch lead instead of my speakers.The patch lead takes audio from my TV card to my soundcard.Thats why the second board didn't work.
    Sometimes the obvious gets missed, when your rushing to find if something works.I say this cos I'm so embarrased, I got to go in a corner and have a word with myself.DOH!!

    Now you can laugh at me,and I gots to explain this to the shop.At least I can say my first board was definately dead in the PCI dept.Anyway,many thanks if you read my post,and even if you stressed your braincells trying to think if you can help.I've been knocking up PC's for several years,and I have never been through such a load of agro.Thank god for Forumz

    Cheers Y'all.Peace and Love
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