LAN connection !!!

I'm connected to internet through network in my university.
After a few days, my pc slow down when i boot up.
When i on my pc while it is connected to the network, it takes around 25second to start all the windows services and all the system tray application(norton auto-protect)

But, if i unplug the cable from my "Network Switch" all the windows services and system tray application(norton auto-protect) takes only 1-5 second to start.

Please help me, i couldn't find the problem.
Is it the network card, network switch or what ????

Thanks guys..

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  1. There is no problem - this is normal...

    Ya probably have your network card to "Obtain IP address automaticly"
    This is what is taking time at startup - your box checks the LAN for a DHCP server which will pass out an IP addr and your box must config your network connection with what it recieves... this takes a little time...
    Unplug from the network and theres no setup/config recieved from the DHCP server... a quicker startup - but no network coniguration...
    NO problem - just the way it works...
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