Dual BFG 6600GT OC's Vs. any 7600GT

I am wondering if I will see a performance increase if I were to eBay my (two) BFG 6600GT OC's and buy a new 7600GT (unsure of brand as of yet?) I like the 7600 because it wont use too much power and doesnt require me to upgrade my PSU. I will be building a new PC when Vista and DX10 is 6 months or so underway so I don't want to spend too much cash on this one.

It seems I can get 125-200 bucks for both of the 6600GT's on eBay and I can buy a new 7600 on newegg for 140 bucks after rebate. I would even think about sticking another in for SLI in a few months if I have the funds :)

Those are the ones I can choose from, I am looking at the eVga but I have heard bad things about them lately, can anyone affirm? Suggestions are appreciated on what you might do in my situation, and any rough ideas on my performance increases would be great! I play BF2, HL2:all of them, Doom3, Rise of Legends, and will be getting Oblivion and other new games. Thanks!
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  1. Rebating = waste of time in my opinion. >_>

    eVGA is the best model for 7600GT, in my opinion, as their clocks are a bit higher, and you can OC them just as much as any other 7600GT.

    Linkerz: http://www.newegg.com/product/Product.asp?item=N82E16814130283

    Edit: I've always used eVGAs and XFX when buying nVidia, and they always run perfect for me. BFG is also a nice brand. I have found nothing wrong with my other eVGAs, and my roommate runs two eVGA 7600GTs in SLI with two moniters on DVI perfectly.
  2. If you could wait and save that $150 for a dx10 card, u could use the saved up $150 for a top dx10 card. Your 6600gts are good, they could last 6 months unless you rly wanna upgrade.
  3. Performance wise, i think there may be in increase but is it worth all that hassle? i dont think so. Id stick with those 2x 6600s and weather the storm until DX10 comes out.
  4. i dont think you will see any performance going from
    two 6600gts to a 7600gt.
    but it would consume less power.
  5. if your going to invest in something, up to a 7900gt. I like my 7600gt, but i bought in a completely new build. If your going to invest in an upgrade, spend the money and get a 7900gt, if not don't waste your time with the 7600gt and stick with the dual 6600's.
  6. Thanks guys! Glad I got more than one opinion. I am going to stick with these 6600's since they perform very well compared to my old system (Celeron 2.8 and Geforce MX4000 :P) Anyone know a good link to some reading about DX10 cards? I had one bookmarked but I updated Firefox and accidently lost my bookmarks. Thanks again!
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