I think my XFi card is interfering with my WIFI card on ASUS

Both in PCI slots.
When both are installed, wifi card randomly stops working and locks up my computer frequently and randomly for about half a second. The connection isn't slow, it just stops working for short periods of time. The same short process load spike occurs when I disable the wireless manually.

I moved my X-Fi card to a different slot and the same problem occurs.

When I have both installed, and I disable wireless, the problem goes away.

Do you think this could be an IRQ problem?

My set up:

x1900 XT
1 gig Corsair RAM
ASUS A8N-E 939
AMD Athlong 64 3500+
802.11g wireless PCI card Airbus
Windows XP
(X-Fi extrememusic card)

Please help!

EDIT: BTW, I disabled onboard sound completely. Didn't solve a thing.

It HAS to be a problem with these conflicting or something. My computer only gets that process load spike when I disable the wireless in windows XP. It seems like windows is disabling wireless, enabling, disabling, enabling, etc.... with out letting me know. That would explain the connection loss and the CPU spikes. Why is this only happening when I have my X-Fi soundcard in? No drivers had been loaded for the X-Fi card when it was doing this.

EDIT 2: This is what the IRQs look like.
My wireless is sharing with my videocard... which isn't causing a problem.
But when I put in the sound card, it has IRQ 10... which isn't sharing anything... so maybe this isn't an IRQ problem? Man... i am just so confused.
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  1. I have heard, that the xfi cards make problems like you have, but the wilreless thing is logic, you know that the signals may interfere whit the sound, cuz sounds are signal too. :P
  2. Ummm.


    The I updated the BIOS and the problem went away...

    For about 4 days.

    Now, this night, it randomly started up again.

    I Just don't get it!

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