Menus are taller in Windows 7, is there a way to adjust?

Hi, I have recently installed windows 7 and one of my program (Autocad) has menus that used to stretch from the top of the screen to near the bottom of the screen. Now in Windows 7 the spacing between each line on the menu has increased causing the menus to be much taller, and scroll off the screen.

I already looked to see if I can adjust in autocad but can't find any settings for this....

Is there any way to adjust this line spacing in menu items in Windows 7?
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  1. the adjustments first are on the computer monitor, not the software...push the menu button on the computer monitor.
    scroll through the monitor settings to "horizontal size" and "vertical size"
    adjust the horizontal and vertical size, using the monitor controls, until you can see the edge (barely) of the video display, all the way around the monitor edges.

    If you cannot access the monitor settings, download the monitor user manual from the manufacturer website. Find out how to adjust the horizontal and vertical display size.
    Second, Now adjust your screen resolution in the need to pick a screen resolution size (you can pick sizes and test them, one at a time) until you find a size that suites your monitor and eyesight.

    Third, if you installed 7 and had problems with this or that, display, you may have not loaded the latest drivers for your hardware. This includes the video drivers.

    Download the latest video drivers for 7, from the computer manufacturer's website, or motherboard manufacturer's website.
    delete the current video drivers
    turn off all the antivirus and security
    load the new driver
    restart the computer
    turn the security back on
    now, start at the top and do all the adjustments (size, screen resolution) as above...
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