Radeon X1900xt

Hey I was wondering what power supply you need for x1900xt?

I have this Power supply that I got with my PC case, and I have a feeling that it wont be enough.


Also how well will this card perform. If my processor is amd athlon 3200+ @2ghz and 1024 mb ram.

Will my processor bottleneck my computer? or will it handle the x1900xt well?

If my power supply is not enough could someone tell me what a good power supply for that card is? also I live in sweden but ill try to find it here if you give me a link to a non swedish site
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  1. The X1900XT will work fine with your 3200+, but your power supply may be a problem depending on what else is in your system.
  2. I dont know what stuff is important to tell you, but i have no extra HDs or so.. just the normal stuff, CPU,GPU,motherboard, 2 pieces of ddr ram. Also i have no extra fans or anything like that.

    I would like to know if its safe using my power supply. I dont wanna have the computer struggling just becuase of the power supply.

    Anyway thanks for the help and any more imformation is welcome ;)
  3. You should be running a minimum 450 wt psu, probably a 550 wt would be better. The 1900XT sucks a lot of power. Antec, Enermax, Seasonic are all good supplies for reasonable prices.
  4. Okey, thanks for the info.
  5. Take a look and see how many amps the 12v rail is, which should be listed on a label on the power supply. I am guessing you have a single 18 amp 12v rail which is not nearly enough for an A64 and a X1900XT. With one HDD and 1 optical drive, a high quality newer 400W PSU may be fine, because they are starting to make them with beefier 12v rails. Older 400W PSU... not a chance.

    For instance, I have run a X1800Xt in an A64 with 1HDD and one Optical on a Antec Smartpower 2.0 400W (ATX 2.0) PSU. It has a 10A and a 15A 12v rail. Compare that to the older Antec Smartpower 400W (ATX) which only had a single 18A 12v rail.
  6. Oh okey i will do that, but I guess I need to open my computer, but I think ur right I need a new Power supply.

    The prices are VERY different, The poster above said some good power supply brands, but there prices are pretty high.

    Would this one work? its very cheap comaparing to other brands and it has 650 watt. it costs 536 SEK which is about 60-80 US dollars.


  7. I've never heard of that brand, so can't comment on it. The power looks to be more than enough. Probably be best for you to check some of your local stores for opinions whether its a good brand or not.
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