Looking for ultimate MB - I Want 3PCIE & 1PCIX HELP!!!

I need to run 6 monitors on PCIExpress and have a 64bit PCIX SCSI RAID controller Adaptec 2200s/64.

My dream Motherboard would have the following minimums
2 PCI-express slots running at x16
1 PCI-express slot running at x8
1 PCI-X slot
2 PCI slots
1 oh maybe another PCI-X

Does anybody make anything close to this? Why not? Is it because there must be some limitations in the chipsets. Why hasn't anybody made a hybrid board for enthusiast that want to go full bore. Gigabyte has come the closest with their QUAD Royal that has 4 PCI-Express slots (x8 when all 4 are being used) and seemingly they can not make them fast enough. Everybody I call is out of stock. Hint to the manufacturers this Hybrid stuff will sell. I even saw a review of the Quad Royal early on saying it was a neat idea but they did not think the board had a market. Even Intel's 3-PCI-Express x16 board the 975xbx is hard to find.

I know the PCI-Express bus runs on lanes, and the newer boards have 40 lanes at 250MB/sec per lane=10 gigs bidirectionally. The new ATI chipset for motherboards has 48 lanes for 3 fully functional PCI-express x16 slots. So is my request a limitation of the current chipsets?

Here is my specific problem and I am not alone. I trade securities and need to switch from 1 bank of 6 monitors of information to another bank of 6 monitors of information.(The faster the better) PCI-Express handles the video portion fine. I get bogged down in the data transfer at the HDD level. I want to have full bandwidth of my new 64 bit RAID controller and not run it in a standard 32 bit PCI slot.

When I see the video devices that will hold up to 8 LCD monitors I know there is a workstation need for this. People that work in the securities field and graphics NEED this. WHY isn't it available? I have looked at TYAN and SUPERMICRO and not found it. Did I miss it somewhere?

Any help appreciated.

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  1. Thanks, but there are no PCI-X slots. Gigabyte makes great boards I have been looking at their Quad Royal but really hope to find my dream board. Maybe with the introduction of the Conroe someone will introduce it.
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