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hi all,I am having problem that most IE pages are oversized, ie need to scroll to see whole page. any suggestions please.
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  1. Right click you main window or desktop background and scroll down to "Properties".

    You'll opened up the "Display Properties".

    Click on the "Appearance" tab.

    Then locate down the "Font size" and select the desired size.
  2. Try clicking on "View" in I.E. and then go to "Text Size". Start with "Medium" and go from there.
  3. Hey Carlos,
    Just like what Chuck said. However there is another nice trick I use in XP..Most internet pages will respond to this.....If you have a mouse with a scroll ball use this little trick I learned.
    Hold down the CTRL key and with your mouse pointer on the page you want to ENLARGE or shrink, use your scroll wheel to ENLARGE THAT PAGE....or shrink it down to see the whole page....
    Hope this helps dude, let me know if that works fer ya.....cheers :D

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  4. Definitely check your font size and then your resoution settings.
  5. Hello to all who replied, still having same problem. Any more ideas please?
  6. Paybax that is a very nice trick with the ctrl+scroll... very useful in many situations! Good Job...
  7. It might help to know what, of our suggestions, did you try. Did you check your resolution? Did you bring up Internet Explorer - go to "View" then "Text Size" and start with "Medium"? Did you check your font size?
  8. Hi to all again, sorry my last bit I forgot to say that I tried all ideas without any results. Yes I did - View/text size, selected medium with same results.On further checks I noted that my ISP INBOX page is normal but when an email subject is clicked the following page opens up oversized ,with horizontal scroll bar.(Hotmail/google/windowsbbs and other pages are normal). Hope this helps, thanks for your time.
  9. Right click on your desktop... goto properties............settings....... move slider to 1024 x 768..apply or ok or whatever
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