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Need help, any1 plz help me. I have got Lenovo G550 laptop with windows 7 installed in it, and i have BSNL Datacard 3G (3.6 Mbps). When I connect my data card to my laptop the audio driver stops working whereas in case I connect any other usb device the driver doesnt stop working what shuold i do plzzz help me to get rid of dis problem...
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  1. OR it just could be that this laptop does not have enough resources, processor power to run it all at once?

    There is a conflict between the audio driver and the data card interface?
    Backup all your files to DVD, thumb drive, etc...
    Uninstall the audio driver, restart the computer, go to the manufacturer website, download the latest (win 7) audio drivers for that specific model, save to the desktop.
    Plug in the data card, turn off the antivirus and firewall, load the new audio drivers, restart the computer.
    After the computer fully boots and finishes booting, turn the antivirus and firewall back on...
    NOW does it work OK? if not try the manufacturer tech support?
  2. Hey man Thanks it really worked ,
    thanks a lot...
  3. no problemo
    but always keep a backup of your files on a DVD...for that rainy day
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