is 289.00 a good price for a x1900xt?

it's a connect3d OEM x1900xt with a 100 dollar rebate. so it'll be 289.00 after rebate.
drivers cd wouldn't be an issue you can get them online.
i seen most come with power dvd lol, i got that with my dvd rom.
only thing i'd need would be a monitor adaptor. my psu has the pci express power cable with it...
i'm not sure about connect3d do they suck or pretty good at making cards?
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  1. lol nevermind i just hit the order button..
    so here here in a few days be kixing the butt :)

    thanks, paul, ape, and others for your help in my long search.
    i'll let you know how it runs when i get it in.. used ups grrr..
  2. It's a good buy and plus you can overclock that card for higher performance.
  3. That's deal is crazy, I mean it's really really good. These cards sell no less than 400$ here in Canada :roll:
  4. Excellent deal. Go for it for sure.
  5. where did u get it from? great great great deal
  6. Awesome deal! :)
  7. Amazing price. Enjoy the card.
  8. It's unfair that Newegg doesn't ship to Canada. :(
    Hopefully it will soon.
  9. although its a great deal.. i would wait out until the x1950xtx in a few weeks
  10. i have the connect3d X1900 XT and I like it alot. $289 is a GREAT price. I bought mine for $500. The X1950 will cost a lot more and won't be that much faster than an X1900 XT. I also flashed my bios to XTX. I always go with C3D and I think they are a decent company. Nothing wrong about them or their products.

    X1900 XT= 625 mhz (core) 1450 mhz (mem) $289
    X1950 XTX= 650 mhz (core) 2000 mhz (mem) >$420

    I'd save my money and go for the XT, flash it to XTX, and by the movie Trainspotting afterwards Its already fast.

  11. This was a very useful post. Thanks! I'm thinking of getting this card.

    QUESTION: It is the OEM version. What does this mean? Will I need anything additional to install it. How does this differ from the retail version? How much will it cost to make it a retail version? Thanks guys! :lol:
  12. My OEM came with the driver cd (although not needed because you can download drivers off, vivo cables (allow you to stream video in and out of your video card, and two DVI to VGA adapters. The only thing it didn't come with was a pci express power connecter. The Driver CD also includes a pretty cool software program that lets you use VIVO so you don't have to buy software to use it.
  13. Hi Porky,

    I was thinking about getting the NeoHE 550 from Antec (same price as the TPII and appears like a newer product). Would you mind taking a look and let me know your thoughts?

    Specs from the site, Special Connectors:
    -ATX12V/EPS12V Compatible 4 + 4 pin +12V
    -Molex Peripheral
    -PCI Express

    Does this have the power cable you speak of? Will this PSU work? Thanks!
  14. hey fish i looked at it, you'll be fine. it has 36 amps on the 12v rail. plus it comes with the pci express plug in..

    i'm using the antec 500 2.0 smartpower and everyone said i'd be fine.
  15. Ok great. Thanks. I also just noticed that the card appears to take up 2 PCI slots. Will this affect my choice of mobo? I am still completely undecided about which mobo to get for my new Conroe build. I wont bring that up here - will dig into it in another post.

    Thanks for all your help.
  16. that would depend on how many pci slots you need. are you going to use onboard sound and ethernet card?
    the most complaints i've heard so far about the card is having to move a hard drive lol..
    if your getting a new mobo you might want to look at the crossfire ones..
    i'm sure the prices will still drop more allowing you to hook up two x1900xt's
    in the future..
  17. That was going to be my plan. Are you sure this card is CrossFire?
  18. 16(48 pixel shader processors)
    Dual-Link TMDS transmitter
    512-bit internal ring bus for memory reads
    Ultra-Threaded Shader Engine
    Avivo Video and Display Engine
    CrossFire Ready

    yuppers :lol:
  19. I plan to build a conroe system in mid to late august but I'm not sure if I should purchase this card now without being able to test it and hold onto it until the day i build the entier system. I would also like to know if this psu P SU would allow me to run this card well.

  20. You have time. The rebate deal only expires in a month (refer to details).
  21. but newegg could sell out and could take sometime to restock.
    deals go fast there..
  22. Nice deal!! I'm kicking myself in the ass for just purchasing the ASUSEAX1900XT off there for $369 At least it has a 3 year warranty lol. I guess thats worth $100 :roll:
  23. I want to order this card, but i am concerned about one thing. It says in the rebate that you need to send in the UPC from the box. If the card is OEM, how am I going to get the UPC form the box?
  24. If you look at the pictures it does come with a box, just no added software that most come with.. or atleast that's the way i understood it.
    the open box ones don't show a picture of the box on newegg.
  25. hopefully it does. last time i ordered an OEM card from newegg, it just came in a regular cardboard box with a static bag and the perhiperals.
    Oh well, this one shows the box so maybe i'll go ahead and order :D
  26. This Power Supply will work great for the X1900 XT. It has 2 PCI Express power cables so you won't need to buy a converter that doesn't come with the OEM X1900 XT. It also has triple 12 volt rails (the more rails, the more stable your pc will be, especially if you have lots of hardware in your system). This power supply should also work with crossfire (dual ATI cards) too, if you ever plan to get it. One important factor with this power supply is the fact that it has an 80 millimeter fan. This might cause it to be loud (even although the website says its quiet doesn't mean that you and them interpret "quiet" in different ways. I am wondering how much it costs.

    Just a reference, but here is the power supply I upgraded to from my 420 watt. --->

    But the one you have picked out is fully compliant with an X1900 XT and won't have any problems with your system. Hope I could help.
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