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Here is an technical answer from HP regarding this error message:

Step 1: Cleaning the Print Cartridges

To manually clean the ink cartridge contacts, follow these steps:

1. Turn on the power to the Officejet 600 and raise the cartridge
access cover. The cartridges will move towards the center.
2. After the carriage (the cartridge holder) stops, unplug the power
cord from the back of the Officejet 600. This will keep the cartridges
from moving back to the capping station.
3. Remove the cartridge(s) from the carriage.
4. Using a soft, clean, lint-free cloth or a cotton swab lightly
moistened with distilled, filtered, or bottled water gently clean the
face, edges and the electrical contacts. (Change to a clean cotton swab
as needed). CAUTION: Be careful not to touch the ink nozzles on the
bottom of the print.5. Inside the Officejet 600 All-in-One, clean the
contacts in the print carriage with a slightly dampened soft, clean,
lint-free cloth. Allow the electrical contacts to dry completely.
6. Reinsert the cartridge(s) and power on the Officejet 600.

The information provided above is available in a graphical format at:

NOTE: Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is invalid. If
this occurs, copy the portion of the address on the remaining line(s)
and paste it at the end of the address showing in your browser until
the complete address is displayed in the Address box.

Step 2: Perform Partial Reset
Before performing the Partial reset, please remove both the cartridges.
A partial reset returns the user settings to the factory defaults. In
some models, the language and country/region settings are also deleted.

NOTE: Performing a reset on an HP Officejet 600 series requires the
unit to be reattached to a computer running the all-in-one software in
order to reload the all-in-one settings. This process should not be
performed if the unit cannot be connected to a computer.

To perform a partial reset, press and hold "2" and "3" on the front
panel keypad while plugging in the power cord.

After reset is completed, please insert the cartridges. The All-in-One
will align the cartridges automatically.

If the LCD screen on your printer is blank, press the "2" key to
activate the LCD screen.

If the cartridges are not aligned automatically, please perform the
steps given below to align the cartridges:

1. Open the HP Officejet 600 Series Manager.
2. Select the Officejet icon.
3. Select Settings and Maintenance.
4. Select the Maintenance tab.
5. Select Align Print Cartridge.
6. Select Align.
7. After the page has been printed, select the closest aligned set of
horizontal lines from the top of the page. Then select the closest
aligned set of vertical lines from the bottom of the page.
8. Select Continue (this will print another test).
9. After the second page is printed, examine the lines in the cross
pattern and the box diagram. If they line up correctly the alignment
is done. If not, go through the procedure again.

Note: If the alignment test does not run after following the above
steps, one or both of the ink cartridges may not be
functioning properly. Replace both cartridges. If this occurs
directly after inserting a new replacement cartridge, replace the other

Now, the error messages shouldn't be displayed.
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  1. I pressed 2, as the display was not on, but nothing happens. Also, when I plugged the power back in, now the computer is not communicating with the HP600, I've lost that connection. Will power down and up computer to see if that helps but if not, any suggestions?
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