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I am looking for any help. I have an Alienware Area 51-M 766 laptop with an nVidia 5700 FXGO video card that is no longer function correctly. Is there anywhere that a replacement can be purchased? Thank you.
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  1. Nah, it can not be replaced unforutantely. You can only subsitute it for the same card. Laptops havent been built efficently enough yet, so its really hard to upgrade something.
  2. EnforcerFX - Thank you for your kind reply and I realize that we need to replace with the same card which is OK. This computer will most likely not be used for gaming any longer, but for me to use for further education. Do you or anyone have any idea where this card nVidia 5700 FXGO or a similar compatible card can be located. I have searched high and low and have not had any luck. I am very sad that a computer is not working well because of a inexpensive part. Again thanks...
  3. My best bet is ebay, or even look on alienwares website, and see if they have any parts there, or call the company, and have them ship it to you for a nominal fee of course.
  4. Thanks, we have tried contacting Alienware, they do not stock parts for their computers, nor could they make a decent referal to someone who could help. We have tried e-bay and again no luck. Also, tried laptopking parts, and other laptop parts internet places and again no luck. We can find many other parts from motherboards, hard drives, etc. but no video card. Let me know if you come up with something else. Thanks again for your help.
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