Want to buy a case with good air flow

I am looking at buying a new case for my computer the one I have now overheats. I want one that have good airflow but I don't know what one I want. I have looked at several and have read several reviews. For example I have looked at the Antec P180 and some of the reviews have been good on this case but others have been bad. Some of them say the following.

Side panel hooks on with flimsy little plasic teeth, nearly garanteed to break a few off. Front panel warps with even modest temp changes. Fan between HD rack and PSU make dealing with HD's VERY annoying, always trying to keep wires out of fan.

2 smallish holes to pull all those wires thru.

Here are some of the bad ones that I have found. Pluse I don't have that much for the case. I have seen it in person I like the looks but I am wondering if there are any others that any of you may know of that are less money and have good air flow along with silver in color.
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  1. Get a stacker 830 maybe?
  2. Gigabyte Poseidon. CM 53x series. umm....NZXT Apollo.
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