Flamethrower, a Public Note to You!

Welp, I think I'm finally tired of this bullshit. Does anyone else feel like a forest ranger who spends his time running around to put out all the fires started by Flamethrower?

Flame, I wouldn't have such a problem with you if you would just post your opinion and state it as such. Instead, you believe everything you say is gospel when in actuality it is just more of the bullshit I mentioned above.

You are not only arrogant, but you also take every opportunity to misinform people with some inane sort of new data. Rarely are the sources for the information respected. Most if the drivel you spew comes from your own wacked out head.

Please give it a rest. It appears that the only thing you live for is to rant about something or someone. That is truly a sad state of affairs.
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  1. Wow! Those are some harsh comments you made about Flame.

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  2. Dang, that is kind of harsh. What exactly was that in reference to?
  3. I can understand epoth's frustration. I mean, a few weeks ago Flame was praising the Compaq 7020, saying there was absolutely no ghosting whatsoever, and now he is telling people not to get it, saying there is way too much ghosting. The same thing with the MVA thing. But epoth, if you got a prob with him, try private messaging him. Making this a public announcement is.....well, it's freakin stupid to put it frankly. Don't be a hardass.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  4. Naw, I figure it's about time I start checking this board once every week or two instead of every morning. I wanted to make sure I got that off of the top of my ahead before I forgot.

    It is extremely frustrating to feel like you have to post on every topic simply because someone needs to debunk each new piece of BS that flame comes up with. It's not constructive and is a serious waste of time.

    Good week!
  5. Do u want me to leave? Just say so. Wanna know why I'm pissed w/ teh TFT7020? Compaq lied to me. Do u not realize that? Also, I have sadly had to go through 3 TFT7020's, the first was doa, the 2nd was the wrong one, and I'm teh 3rd right now which I'm returning, and just getting my $$ back. Honestly, that is annoying. Do u have any idea how much time I've spent dealing w/ Compaq?? Also, the LCD's varied like crazy. The 1st was mad bright, and there was some ghosting w/ mouse. The 2nd actually seemed to have a better rt, and there was evidently less ghosting, and I actually got teh pic to look great. Then the third which I recieved about a week ago has a beatiful line of brightness on the side, slower rt apparently b/c more ghosting, and I can't put my finger on it, but the pic is always too bright or too dark. It also arrived with a nice, complementary coffee stain on it! This is bs man, and you know it! That is why I don't reccomend TFT7020 anymore. Also, as Buddwm tried the little movie thing for me on a VG191 and said it looked nice. I look at both personal opinions and reviews, but reviews often are not very impartial. Tell me if u want me to leave though, please do.
    Edit- this was aimed at Epoth.

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  6. epoth, now you're pissing me off. We don't want to hear your damn public post. I agree that Flame can get under your skin, but it has helped us a lot in a way. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be researching LCD's as much as I do, and as a result I know a lot more than I thoght I ever would. Now go back to your troll cave and you and flame handle this PRIVATELY. This is an LCD forum, and we have no time for such useless posts here.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  7. Oh, one more thing, I try to tell teh truth as much as possible. Would you rather I just cover up everything important? I try to respect people regardles of title, experience, b/c they have potential to learn- I even respect u, but I guess some just don't like the truth.

    Sig of the week.
  8. Well, since it's out in the open, I'd like to have my say as well.

    I came here looking for advice on what to get for an LCD and on every single thread I saw flame post that there wasn't any question that the TFT7020 was the way to go. I asked very specific questions since he had one, and seemed interested in talking about it, and so I took his opinions to heart.

    Now granted, a public forum is not the be-all and end-all for making a decision for purchasing something that costs close to $1000, but it is a good place to get people's real life opinions. For someone to first say one thing enthusiastically and then not only recant what he said but to go in the exact opposite direction, means that he is speaking EMOTIONALLY instead of factually.

    I, for one, do not want someone's emotional perspective helping others to make large purchasing decisions such as has happened to me. Now granted, I am perfectly happy with my TFT7020, but a HUGE reason I got it is Flame's postings here. I would recommend that others do NOT take Flame's opinion as anything other than one person's emotional perspective on a subject. Otherwise you will have been misinformed. I do not come to this site to be misinformed.

    So I'm sorry if this makes people feel ackward in that Flame is a regular contributor, but realistically I don't want to have what happened to me, happen to anyone else. I think Flame would appreciate this as he has stated that he just wants to be honest and call it as he sees it, which is exactely what I am doing now.

    Again, I will reiterate, that I am extremely happy with my TFT7020. I play many graphically intensive games and experience no ghosting whatsoever. There are, however, some people in this forum that have experienced ghosting in 2D situations but I have not. I am quite happy with my purchase, and would recommend it to others.

    Obviously, there will be newer models that improve upon what we have today. But I consider the TFT7020 a good all round LCD and value for the money.

  9. The reason for my turnaround was the model I recieved a week ago, which seriously sucked, and since I believed that all models should/ would perform more or less the same, I reccomended the TFT7020. However, such a deviation is most unusual, and I don't reccomend it anymore, cause if someone gets something like the latest one I got, they're not gonna like it.

    Sig of the week.
  10. he he...flame...admit it....u've made everyone here go crazy about the TFT7020...
    Guess if it weren't for u....that model would have gone by unnoticed...lol....
    so. what's the new one you've got your eyes on??
  11. None., I have stopped lookign at LCD's, and think I just may leave this forum, after all the people that hate me, I get flamed constantly. Goodbye.

    Sig of the week.
  12. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. :wink:
  13. this is a funny thread, i dont have any strong opinions, but i think Flame have mood swings, regarding the best lcd...
  14. come on man...that was kind of harsh...take it easy....i was joking with that young man...
  15. LMAO.....geeze. Only in this forum....

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  16. Oh come on now Flame, you don't really need to leave. Personally, I have appreciated the enthusiasm with which you state your opinions. While you may not always qualify your opinions as such, anyone who takes an individuals statements as "set in stone" fact needs a reality check. It is up to the reader to take posts with a grain of salt. Otherwise, we would all need to add IMHO to every sentence, that would be just silly.

    I can sympathise with Flame's frustration in his quest for a nice monitor. I myself have been discouraged again and again by CRTs that I have purchased and subsequently returned because of varying quality issues. Some CRTs that I purchased were top of the line and was still not happy with their performance. Problems with the CRTs ranged from mild/severe misconvergence, poor focus, geometry flaws, and other various issues. A few monitors I tried included the NEC FE950+, LG 915FT+, Samsung 955DF and 950p, CornerStone p1460, and KDS AV195TF. NONE of these monitors came close the a decent LCD in terms of convergence, focus, and geometry from corner to corner. That is why I decided to abandon CRTs and try some LCDs.

    On a side note, the p1460 was IMHO the nicest overall of the bunch, I almost wish I had of kept that one, almost.

    LCDs have their own flaws but for me they are less annoying than CRTs flaws. As long as ghosting is very minimal as on my own LCD and viewing angles are decent, I personally would use a nice LCD over any CRT any day of the week.

    YMMV, IMHO, take it with a grain of salt, etc...

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  17. Poster: flamethrower205
    "...the 2nd was the wrong one..."
    "The 2nd actually seemed to have a better rt, and there was evidently less ghosting, and I actually got teh pic to look great."

    I'm just curious as to what monitor this second "wrong" one was? Why didn't you keep that one? Would you reccomend it?
  18. "I myself have been discouraged again and again by CRTs that I have purchased and subsequently returned because of varying quality issues."

    I think you hit the nail on the head... in a sort of way??
    The thing is with CRT's is you can buy them local and take them back if you dont like them but with LCD's you have to RMA ect and that whole thing scares the heck out of people if they have to do it 2 or 3 times. Thats why I think so many people are mad about him saying how great it was and then doing a 180 and saying it sucked. Should he leave.... heck no! Should he think about how many people will take his post as fact... yes.

    Just my 2cents.
  19. My post above is based on the fact that the LCD’s in the stores around my town sell the older models… not the latest and greatest.
  20. I will try to explain myself again, and please, I implore you to READ THIS THOROUGHLY before flaming me again. The first TFT7020 I recieved had a pixel processor/ backlight issue, so I asked for replacement. The TFT7020 w/ speakers was on backorder, so I was given one w/o speakers as temporary replacement. That was a great LCD! Ghosting in games was none, lighting and contrast were perfect, and viewing angle wasn't even that bad! I wanted to keep it, but my dad wanted one w/ speakers, so a few weeks later I got one w/ speakers as final replacement. I assumed it would perform the same as the speakerless one. Boy was I wrong. It had more ghosting, and there was some wierd brightness coming out of it. Then I found out response time was 40ms, and decided to return it, cause first I had a bad LCD, and also Compaq lied to me (I sent em emails asking confirmation that total response time was 25ms, and they said yes). So I am in teh process of returning it now. This is why I'm not reccomending it- the speaker model isn't that good. Now, if you have read this thoroughly, go ahead and flame accordingly, say what u believe, but I feel I've just gone through too much shitt w/ Compaq to ever want to hear/ deal w/ them again.

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  21. Still is amusing seeing someone not only put their pom-pom's away, but reversing their opinion on a product/company, regardless of the circumstances. And the fact remains that two monitors, even from the same company, even the same damn model (or screen in this case), will not necessarily perform the same. That's why monitors are the toughest damn thing to buy. Personally, I stuck with CRT's because the weaknesses of the LCD's outweighed the weaknesses of CRT's to me, but everyone is different. Also, I use a CRT at work and it's just too hard to go from one type to another on a dialy basis. And everyone is drooling over FFD, but what's the scoop on the flat CRT technology I've heard about?
  22. Flame,

    I'm sorry if my tone was kinda tough. I understand completely your situation, and I'm sure it was frustrating as hell to have to go though. You have all the reasons to be pissed and not recommend them based on your experience.

    The fact that Compaq "lied" about their response times does not cause LCDs to start ghosting all of a sudden, which is what you were infering (at least that's how I read it). At first you seemed to be saying that you were really upset because they lied to you. Then you kind of changed it to the third monitor your received had "more ghosting", and you attribute that to the 40ms response time. It's confusing the hell out of people including me.

    If you like, I'm sure we're all perfectly happy dropping the whole subject. However, if you are going to maintain that the TFT7020 has ghosting issues, I would request that you please explain the specific problem that you experienced. Additionally, would you please explain the "strange lighting" problems that you experienced so that others can decide if it's an issue for them? If you explain this more factually, I'm sure everyone will feel more comfortable with your recomendations and opinions.

    Personally, I have not experienced any ghosting issues or lighting strangeness whatsoever with the TFT7020. The only thing that I've noticed is that the image quality is not quite as cleanly cut as a CRT which I expected from an LCD, but totally acceptable. Additionally, I have found that their claim of 170 degree viewing angle is somewhat a stretch, but the functional viewing angle is WAY more than acceptable for anything other than an acadamic discussion.

    In any case, you might want to just simply say that you had a bad experience with Compaq. Others that have bought it seem to be pretty happy with the TFT7020.

  23. The lighting issue is simple- colors appear too garish. Here's a link of a TFT7020 review that may clarify this: <A HREF="http:// http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,78066,pg,5,00.asp " target="_new">http:// http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,78066,pg,5,00.asp </A>.
    The ghosting has been w/ the 3rd TFT7020 I got- maybe thses things deviate in performance.

    Sig of the week.
  24. QUOTE:
    The 1st was mad bright, and there was some ghosting w/ mouse. The 2nd actually seemed to have a better rt, and there was evidently less ghosting, and I actually got teh pic to look great. Then the third which I recieved about a week ago has a beatiful line of brightness on the side, slower rt apparently b/c more ghosting, and I can't put my finger on it, but the pic is always too bright or too dark. "

    I have nothing against you personally, but I remember very very clearly that you "always" mention there is absolutely no ghost with your compaq while you bash MVA lcd!! from the beginning right till you decide to send your latest one back and do a 180!! what happen to absolutely no ghost? what happen to even at 300fps! absolutely no image/ghost problem?

    I don't believe you right from the start, but shouldn't you be more honest?? oh, I just love your "put aside $2000 for the next "cpu" upgrade"!!

    you are cool!
  25. I don't mean to gloat here. But I mentioned a while ago not to trust people blindly from message boards that a product is "THE BEST."

    Careful research is always the key. If you are looking for real useful information about flat panel monitors ask that guy from Cornerstone who is an actual engineer on the hardware or someone along that vain. Certainly a better choice than asking some guy proclaiming his monitor is the best of the best over and over.

    I feel sorry for those of you that got burned.
  26. I have nothing against u, but u're an idiot. U obviously DO NOT read posts fully/ understand them.

    Sig of the week.
  27. I have nothing against u, but you are an [-peep-] who only know how to spent daddy money and go yuk yuk yuk and bs all day long!!
  28. IMO, what is your problem? Flame explained that the second tft7020 (no speakers) was a great LCD and that is what he based his praise on. Recently, he exchanged it for the model with speakers. This is the one that has the problems he has been commenting on. Combined with the fact that the first one he got was defective, he is returning the tft7020. He has changed his mind about reccomending this LCD because 2 of 3 were not nearly as nice as the 1 that was great. It is quite simple to understand but IMO only wants to start arguments.

    Also, who cares who paid for his LCD? If your dad bought you an LCD, would you turn it down? I think not. IMO, keep your jealousy to yourself and sd, stfu, tial.
  29. I based my word on what he post in the past! not his latest argument why blah blah!!!

    I notice you are newbie in this forum? but are you that new?
  30. Shut the [-peep-] up IMO.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  31. Quote
    "None., I have stopped lookign at LCD's, and think I just may leave this forum, after all the people that hate me, I get flamed constantly. Goodbye"

    usually after "Goodbye" People tend to leave!! why don't you?

    and Burton, this is none of your business! are you afraid that Flame might actually leave and this fourm will be so borig without all kind of stupid make believe post??
  32. imo, again, shut the hell up. I'm tired of this bs. If anyone it's you who needs to leave. If you have a problem with Flame, private message him. We don't need to read your bs. This is an LCD forum, so keep it that way.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  33. I got a few questions and decided to answer em, so I will not leave, cause I do like helping people out. BTW, u'r the guy who has started a bunch of flamewars. O and as for disputes between Buddwm and myself over MVA- we try to find out teh truth, such as the test he ran for me on teh VG191. I really, really respect that. I don't see anything with proving something to oneself.

    Sig of the week.
  34. Well! First off this should be a lesson to all of us that a little civility in a public forum goes a long way.

    Secondly, as pointed out above, its pretty obvious that any posting here is a personal (subjective) opinion. You're setting yourself up for disappointment if you take one person's post as the reason to spend a grand! Anyone who read a few of Flame's posts could tell he was just an (over)enthusiastic lad, enamored of his own opinion (aren't we all!) and a bit carried away with ruling this board by sheer number of posts. If you read a few of his encounters with GoSharks I think you would read between the lines.

    Finally, I'm sure Flame has learned a big lesson here too. If you express your opinion often and forcefully, without qualifiers, you may be held responsible for it.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; In practice, there is.
  35. I don't think there should be anymore posts in this thread. Let this thread die.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  36. Sheesh, go on holiday for three weeks and look what happens... This thread probably should die but hey ho, I want my say.

    I like flame, he knows a damn site more than most about the more obscure tech specs of TFT monitors, and is always happy to explain them and give advice.

    His personal choice of TFT came from good research and experience, unfortunately let down by the units he received. That would piss me off, it would piss anyone off, so it's hardly surprising he's subsequently posted messages criticizing them.

    As many sensible posters have pointed out, product recommendations are personal. I would happily recommend Samsung and LG Flatron TFT panels, because I've had excellent service from them. Technically, they are not the best, as I'm sure flame would be the first to point out.

    Tech specs aren't everything though...
  37. What the hell does let the thread die mean? I swear some of you can't read.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  38. My apologies, didn't realise it was an order.

    Heh, and I thought this was a public forum...
  39. Don't be a smartass smartass. All I am saying is that this thread should have never been posted, so there is no point in bringing it back up.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  40. Ooh you sure know how to start a flame war, lucky I'm immune.

    1. I'm not a smartass. Just posting my opinion because I like flame and don't like seeing him getting slagged off.
    2. You don't get to tell <b>anyone</b> whether they can post or not. This really is a public forum.
    3. If this thread should die, why perpetuate it by giving me grief?
  41. If you were immune to a flame war, you wouldn't respond to any posts made. Post what you like, but I hope you can understand I HATE this thread, and I use that word very strongly. This is an LCD forum. This thread should have never popped up in here, and I dunno why you had to put a dumbass comment in it when it was long gone, but hell, who am I to stop you. Anyway, I'm done with this thread. I hope it isn't here next week....

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  42. Why did you have to bring this thread up? We were all hoping that it would die, and things could return to being about LCD's, and we could forget the politics. It is true you are allowed to post anywhere, but I ask you, as a personal favor for the members here, let's let this thread die.

    Sig of the week.
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