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Hi everyone!! Im not sure if im posting at the right place in this forum but here we go, i formatted my pc last night (1 hdd 120 go WD for my OS and 1 hdd 200 go WD for my music/videos and general storage). Thing is, when im done with Winxp and all my drivers and games, all the data on my storage disk is GONE, but i have space missing, about 13 go used but no data on my drive, what did i do wrong, can i hope to get my data back???

Thanks for helping.

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  1. no idea where it went but if you want it back, i would recommend you use something like ontrack easyrecovery or some other recovery program to salvage the data thats missing.
  2. What are all your system specs? If you're using a third-party IDE controller for the 200GB drive, then Windows might be using the wrong driver (it likes to change it for no reason), and thus can't see full drive space correctly. I've also heard software problems in Windows that prevent it from seeing larger hard drives correctly, but I don't have much info on this, so I can't help you. I'm fairly certain all your data on the 200 is still there, but since Windows isn't recognizing the full space, it can't see any of the data on it.
  3. Ok, thanks guys, I just ran a small app called GetDataBAck for NTFS and after a long process, my missing data just reappered like magic !!!

    Thanks alot folks.

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