USB 2.0 pci card -- (whats high power?)

I'm doing an upgrade on one of my friends computers. They already bought a USB wireless adapter, and are using it on a computer that only supports USB 1.1.

The computer has two front USB ports, and I would like to get a card that has 2 internal connections so he can have USB 2.0 in the front of the case. (its in an enclosed cabinent, and the power cord isnt long enough to pull the computer out far enough to plug something in the back without unplugging the computer)

After looking through all of Newegg, ZipZoomFly, and Tigerdirect's products, I found only TWO that had two internal connections. one was out of stock, and the other had a review that said it was a "low power" card, and you can "forget about plugging in a iPod mini (2nd gen)". My friend just so happens to have a 2nd gen iPod mini (in a lovely shade of green).

So I'm assuming that means that the iPod mini could not be charged while plugged into the card, because it is a "low power" card.

I know that 5 year olds are allowed to post on newegg, so was this person just being stupid, or was he right?

If he is right, what card can I buy that has two internal connections, but is "high powered"

and if there arent any, then is there a way to route an external port on the back, to an internal one on the front?? (ie. leaveing one pci slot cover off, and looping a cable inside to where the internal hub connects.... the only problem is the front hub is designed to be plugged into a motherboard, not a regular cable)

I'm really at a loss for what to do. If you know of any VERY inexpencive cards with 1 internal connection that are high powered, i guess i could do that as a last resort.

Thanks for all your help, and I hope I get some posts.. I know this topic is pretty boring :lol:
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  1. How about using a normal usb 2.0 card and run it to a powered usb 2.0 hub. This will sit right on the desktop and make it really easy to plug stuff in. Plus with it being powered, has own power supply, you dont have to worry about burning out the card in the computer.
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