new 775 Blue transparent diamond fan, 4 heat-pipes, all copp

Socket 775 Cooling kit
Dimensions Heat sink : 92×90×53 mm (l × w × h)
12VDC Fan : 80×80×25 mm

Bearing Ball bearing
Rated speed 2700 RPM +/-10%
Rated power 1.80 W
Noise level 22.0 dBA
Air flow 34.46 CFM at 2,700 RPM
Current 0.15 A
Life hours Ball: 50.000
Features Blue transparent diamond fan, 4 heat-pipes, all copper stamped fin technology
Connector 3 pin, mainboard
Application Intel : Celeron D ~ 2.93 GHz (340J)
Pentium 4 ~ 3.73 GHz (775 Prescott)
Pentium D ~ 3.4 GHz (775 Dual-Core)
Pentium EE ~ 3.73 GHz (775 Dual-Core)

Thermal resistance 0.285 °C/W
Thermal type Stars-420 white grease (Injection tube)
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  1. please don't advertise here.... would be different if you made a suggestion for this cooler in answer to a specific question but to just post and list the spec's so you can sell them is lame.
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