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  1. Since I know almost nothing about tech, I must be well qualified for wild speculations: :oops:

    * AMD and ATi may share knowledge and experience of 65nm fab tech (whenever AMD manages this), so maybe that will slim down the ridiculous double decker cards ATi has been producing at the high end. -by decreasing power consumption and heat output. :idea:

    * AMD and ATi will possibly release some kind of Opteron/FireGL graphics workstation? Actually, that's not what Opterons are for is it? Told you I was unqualified. :roll:

    * Maybe ATi will go "X2" and start making dual GPU "Crossfire on a single card" cards. But would they need AMD's help for that? :wink:

    * Maybe this AMD Torrenza thing means that in the future an ATi GPU will be just that - a GPU that slots into a socket in the mainboard beside the CPU and communicates with it via HyperTransport instead of PCI Express. I have no idea if there is any indication as to whether this would not be pointless or not not. :?

    * And maybe you could put a CPU and GPU side by side on a 4x4 mainboard. Maybe the GPU could be dual core (single die Crossfire) or quad core - 2 for graphics, 2 for physics :D

    * Maybe Conroe and GeForce 8 (or 9) will still cream them. Actually, I consider myself to be both an AMD fan and an ATi fan. But I liked them independently and am a little saddened that they are going to do the whole "blobs melding together to form bigger, more 'formidable' blob" thing. :cry:

    * Maybe ATi, in the spirit of AMD, will suddenly slash prices on all their VPU's ... :tongue:
  2. The Times, :roll: , let's put a real news link up. :tongue:
  3. LOL cheeky c*#t :lol: , well at least they're both reporting the same result.
  4. Quote:
    The Times, :roll: , let's put a real news link up. :tongue:

    Yup, we needed INQ to confirm this. :lol:
  5. Quote:
    Yup, we needed INQ to confirm this. :lol:

    The INQ, you actually made me laugh out loud... what a great way to start the morning :).
  6. Yea, they'll do that with their stupidness. :lol:
  7. I agree. ATI is having a good run right now, hopefully AMD won't interfere. I honestly can't see them doing anything drastic with ATI. They're smart enough to see that ATI is doing well and you shouldn't mess with a good thing.
  8. Strong points there. If they let ATI do the graphics, it'll all be fine. ATI should now be a division of AMD specializing in GPUs.
  9. Quote:

    The GPU with be integrated into the multicore CPU:
    AMD hinted that ATI's expertise in graphics may enable graphics functions that are directly integrated into the processor: "In 2008 and beyond, AMD aims to move beyond current technological configurations to transform processing technologies, with silicon-specific platforms that integrate microprocessors and graphics processors
  10. but what if we like AMD and Nvidia??? what about me?
  11. Quote:
    seriously even 2 weeks ago i didn't think it would happen. i hope AMD, while being a good company and all don't mess up ATI and give it the room and support to grow. as long as they don't interfere with the gfx cards it'll be o.k. if they divert resources away from the gfx cards to further themselves then it won't be as good.

    Actually I think the GPU segment is strong enough to tell them to FAQ-off!

    However the other areas where they do well, but they're small departments, like AIW, mobile chips (ie smartphones, pocket PC), media chips (Xilleon , NXT, DigitalTV, etc) will likely risk getting F'ed over for other priorities (like foucs effort on helping a floudering CPU arm). That's what I'm worried about because I really want more DVB products from them, especially a combo terrestrial and sat PC receiver would be sweet.

    only time will tell though. they had better not screw up.

    My sentiment exactly. I would've felt better about Intel buying them.

    AMD aare not going to cut nvidia off. that would be foolish. they have and will continue to offer customers great flexibilty. to screw their consumer base would be commercial suicide.

    both nvidia and AMD know business is business and they need each other.

    Yeah but licensing pressures may change things.

    Also didn't people think nV knew business is business and they wouldn't screw over ATi with their ULi aquisition? Guess that 'knowledge' didn't last long either.

    I agree gman's a knob and his statement isn't a concern, but the move to eventually incorporate GPUs in the entry level and mobile CPU market is already a state Intel goal, so likely ATi was already working on that and AMD now has the guns to do both better than before.

    As for the AMD+nV who knows, I don't think AMD is a spitful as the ATi vs nV war, so they likely won't do anything to them unless nV feels the need to gird itself by doing some deals with Intel. There's no reason why AMD and nV can't sill do business, heck their greater level of interdependance may induce a little more calm in some of nV's graphics and chipet activities, sort of like their relationship with Intel now.
  12. I think it's awesome how AMD and ATI will develop CPUs that do everything from video to sound. If done right that would be the better deal in the end although upgrading video, if even needed, would be a pain.

  13. CPU+VPU+Audio on the same chip is primarily for PCs that don't get upgraded.

    As in mobiles, pocket pcs, ultra portables, and integrated HTPC style units, most of which you can't upgrade now anyway.
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