How do I convert asf files into something editable?

Got a little Medion camcorder which produces asf files. These capture but I have had to then download a codec tag 45 from internet to get any sound. This works, but only on the machine with this codec. Then I try to convert them using a freeware converter into avis or mpeg2s (or even windows media files and I get no sound. How can I get a the sound file to work, so that I can edit it in Premiere?
Regard Montymouse
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  1. i have no idea, but does the camera have some option do change the file format?
  2. No, fraid not. Its a cheap Medion camcorder about £200, my first foray into video. I am now buying a BIG computer system to edit my files on, which is great, but the camera will only output asfs. Any ideas?
  3. Have you tried Windows Movie Makeer? I remember one of my friends was doing that the other day.

    Use the Movie Maker to open your files and when save, choose other formats. It should do.
  4. Try Windows Media Encoder 9. Not sure, but I think it works. Clic

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  5. You might try Video Edit Magic (search using Google). The problem is the asf format is a highly compressed streaming video format. Compressed files normally don't have enough information left in them to edit worth a dang. The best solution is to try and capture in as high a quality capture setting as possible from your device and use that video as a master for editing and compressing.
  6. Try this out.

    I did a little editing with the trial version. Worked pretty good but not sure if it handles asf files.
  7. I currently use Pinnacle studio 9 plus which does not support asf conversions but I understand newer versions will/do conversions of asf files.

    Good luck
  8. Try VirtualDub v1.3c. It's freeware, but kinda old since ASF is not really being used anymore.

    VirtualDub v1.3c with ASF support.
  9. I haven't used it with ASF but this program claims to be able to convert it and I have used to convert other formats that are difficult to convert from.

    I have had some audio sync problems with it so make sure to check the ouput file.
  10. Thanks everyone for their input. I've downloaded virtualdub.1.3 and will check it out. Thanks to Jaquar...
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