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Some days the streaming of online TV episodes works great, no problems at all. Then all of a sudden another day, it crashes, I reboot, watch for 15 mins and it happens again, then again. Generally I give up and start another day.
Has someone found what driver or what program one needs to install in order to fix this? I've seen many articles about it happening. What's the bottom line to the solution please? Thank you!
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  1. OK, I have another idea, what hardware, motherboard do you have?

    The bottom line is that the computer runs out of processor space and crashes.
    If the window for the video playback is smaller (less than full screen), this uses less processor space and may help prevent shut down.

    Minimize the number of applications running in the computer, to load the processor LESS.
    This also helps...for example, you downloaded chrome, firefox, opera, safari, 3 photo programs, 3 free antivirus programs....
    NOW you must get rid of all of that junk, because your processor is running FULL.

    And you have no more space to run video playback, in addition to all this junk you are already running.
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