Would a GPU benefit from big caches?

I was reading about the possibility of integrating the GPU on the CPU die.
One of the problems would be the relatively slow system memory. In CPUs, big caches reduce the performance penalties of slow memory.

Would a GPU benefit from CPU style caches?
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  1. since they are gunna be coming out with ddr3 system memory soon i dont know if it would really matter, but ya it would make things a little faster
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    Yes it would benifit a lot from having more amount of caches. That could improve a lot on performance. Maybe one day will be seeing dual/multiple core GPU other than big caches.

  3. well thats the thing its all just speculation as to what MIGHT happen, frankly we have no idea what will happen, i was acctually pretty surprised by the AMD ATI merger decision, especially because the inquierer said it would happen, who would've thought their article would come true :? :roll:
  4. The memory used in CPU caches is far faster and way more expensive than your typical DDR2 or GDD3 (or GDDR4).

    Not something they're going to put large amounts of into consumer GPUs.
  5. Apparently that eDRAM the xbox 360 uses helps, so that's something you might see in the future for PCs as well.
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