Big Problem to Install Windows Me to Sony Vaio

I can't upgrade my Sony Vaio Notebook to Windows Me. Everytime I install Windows Me, the notebook will halt when it detect the hardware. After I finished several test, I believe the problem is the Floopy disk drive. But I don't know how to solve this problem! Please help!!!!!

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  1. Same problem once, do you really need to load win ME?
    Not worth it otherwise stay with 98se till win XP is out for a while, I have had some big problems with it until now. Had to format, reload then do it all again 3 times untill it loaded. I think sometimes it misses loading some files and then as you say, as like many others have said "it sits there looking for new hardware forever".

    The annoying thing is that I had to format everytime as whatever else I tried would not work, not even boot disks or selective startup.

    If you do get it working goto Microsoft for updates for it!

    :smile: Too damn hot in that kitchen!
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