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Im looking to buy a new PCI-E video card for a freind. She is not into any games and mainly uses programs like photoshop and other photo programs. Im looking to stay within a price range of $150-$180. The last time i bought a video card AGP was top of the line so im a little confused about what is good now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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  1. Take a look at the ATI X1600 series. It's considered mid-range for gaming, but would be great for those types of apps.
  2. Oh, and it's also in your price range.
  3. 7600GT
  4. You ppl are too into gaming!

    What ur looking for is not a Mid-end card, but a Low-end.
    You can get a card to run whatever programs she likes for under 75$, ie. the Geforce 7300 series, or even the FX5200.. wich u can find for free.. i sometimes find them on the street or in dumpsters.. once i found a 6200 in a gutter and a 5500 on the bottom of my shoe.. but seriously, get the cheapest oldest card available. I have an X1900XT and a 5200 and photoshop runs the same on both.. pretty much.

    Oh and wtf do u mean "not into games"? Women.. :roll:
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