Stock cooler for AMD X2-3800?

Does anybody here run the factory supplied cooler with X2-3800's?

Or is that too "uncool" (no pun intended) for all you computer hot rod guys?

If I'm not gaming, will an AMD supplied cooler suffice? I don't mind a little extra money for a bigger better cooler, but I'm concerned with space and bending the mobo with all those giant heavy coolers. Is that a problem and hitting the RAM sticks etc.?

I'm building a new 2D, multiple monitor, non gaming system for online stock trading. How much cooling do I need or do you advise?

How much and how big a cooler is really necessary or do all you guys just love big cool gadgets?

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  1. Try the stock cooler first, don't upgrade unless you have to, waste of money.

    Once you know what temps you are running with the stock cooler let us know. Most of the time if you aren't gaming and aren't overclocking then the stock cooler is fine.
  2. I don't use the stock cooler and it's not because of the temps. I think a lot of people upgrade for the noise reduction. My Zalman is silent. Can't say the same for the stock cooler.
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