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well im getting a new pc around the en of august... im gonna buy my pc off, and i was looking at the prices of video cards, and open box: x1800xt costs 200 bucks, so i was wondering, what cables and accesories would i have to get to use the x1800xt?, because it says its just the cable, no nothing, hereis the link to that card, so is it worth getting it? what cables do i need to get to be able run it? how much will those cables cost? can i get them off newegg?

Thank You Very Much
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  1. hi frank. you'll need to download the latest ati drivers. if you're not using DVI you'll need the DVI to VGA adapter. if your power supply don't have one, you need a pci express power adapter. plus if you want to use hdtv or vivo you'll need to buy those. all you'll get is the card in static wrap. in a cardboard box.
    newegg will warrenty that card i think for 15 days, since it's open box.

    you can get this one for 230 with everything.. it might be a better and safer deal...

    or you can wait untill the end of aug to see the prices then, if that's when you're building your new system
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