Corrupted D: \windows

Up until last friday, my computer worked perfectly fine.
Then after i came back from school, i turned on the computer and it went straight to startup repair. I kept receiving messages that said
"The file or directory D:\Windows is corrupted and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility"

I let the startup repair work overnight but as i checked today morning, it was STILL going on. I then decided to use the chkdsk /f /r but it did not seem to help. I also tried to install windows again but it kept saying it was corrupted.

Currently, i believe that my hard drive is failing(which is sad because i just replaced a failing hard drive about half a year ago that came with this new comp)

Is there any way to fix this? Is it really a failing hard drive or is there something more sinister going on O_o?

BTW im using my old old old computer ^^
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  1. Let me get this straight... 2 failed HDD's in 6 months? Your PSU may be failing and taking drives with it.
  2. Thats wut i was thinking too, but i dont know for sure that the hard drive that comp is using is really failing. If it is indeed failing, and i changed my PSU, would everything be ok? Or would the damage already be done?
  3. Your drive may be already dammaged... have you run a test using the tools from your hard drive manufactures website? You should check out your SMART Info.
  4. How about the other components? Could they possibly be damaged too?
  5. I would start by downloading "speedfan" to monitor your voltages it also can read the smart info. Other parts should be fine... do you have other problems?
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