Opteron 165 @ 2610MHz 290FSB @ 1.4V - good?


I've got an Opteron 165 that runs at 2610MHz at a HTT/FSB frequency of 290MHz. I had to up the voltage to 1.4V. 2 instance of prime95 have been running on it for the last hour or so with no errors - I intend to run it for a week at least almost continuously.

At load, the temperature is 54C - is that good? I've go a Zalman super flower cooler cnps-7000b - should the temps be better? i.e. should I reapply the thermal paste / refit the cooler?

I'm running on a DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D.

Also, I Managed to get it to 2520MHz @ 280FSB with a voltage of 1.375 (stock is 1.35V). then the temps under load are around 52C. Is the extra 0.25 volts going to be harmful to the CPU in the long run if I run it at 2610MHz instead of at 2520MHz? The extra MHz isn't worth it if it will be, IMHO.

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  1. It's not bad. Not great, but not bad. Is there a reason why you need all that power? If you were content with it at a lower speed, and it ran much cooler, then take it back down. The temps are ok at load. Where does it idle? Where it sits most of the time would be nice to know.

    If you're worried about your temps, then try a liquid cooler. Is it the cost or the hassle that kept you from H20?
  2. It idles at 36/37C (it's a really hot summer here in England ATM).

    I think going to 1.375 V from 1.35 V is worth it. It shouldn't reduce the cpu lifetime by that much (I don't intend to hold on to it for more that 3 or 4 years max, maybe I'll change it after just 1 or 2).

    1.4 is a bit too much for me though, especially after your concerned sounding comment :-) I just wanted to know everybody's opinions on this.

    1.375, with the CPU at 2520MHz will be fine thanks. I'll try to get it higher at 1.375V :-)
  3. Yes, its fine! leave it as it is.
    Im running 325*8 at 1.4 and everything is quite cool and nice.
    LongLive the 40% plus overclock! :)
  4. YourMothersAnAstronaut: It's really the hassle that kept me from using T he Element of Life. But one day, mark my words, one day..... :-)

    Actually, I've got it to 2520 @ 290FSB at stock voltage (1.35V). It seems I didn't really try to do that properly before, I just thought, "right! More juice!" Bad me :-)

    I prefer it this way at stock voltages, to tell the truth. I'll make a hot key on the excellent DFI NF4 Ultra-D bios that clocks it higher with more voltage for "special" occasions, and leave this as my "normal" clock.

    And I will try reseating the heat-sink. But not now - gotta wait 'til this most uncharacteristic summer heat-wave in Britain goes away (32C during the day is unfortunately normal these days).

    I really want more than 2610MHz if I'm going to have to raise the voltage - it doesn't post if I do, for example, 290FSB at 1.35V.

    Thanks for all the replies, good to know 53C isn't a bad temperature to be at :-)

    NEO3: And also, I didn't think of lowering the multiplier and raising the fsb frequency - is a higher fsb better such that lowering the multiplier the way you did is preferable? Or does it matter?

  5. Actually that's a pretty low voltage for an 800MHz overclock.
  6. I run my Opty 24/7 at 2.64GHz using 1.45 volts... using H2O I idle around 39C and max out around 47C
  7. hmm.. in that case I suppose I don't need to reseat my heatsink. I also won't be expecting to get it above roughly 2.6GHz either. Thanks.
  8. I have tried and tried... even bought a newer overclocking mobo after owning this CPU for a few months to try to get above a 2.7GHz wall, but to no avail. :(
    I am relatively satified at the performance that comes with 2x2.64GHz, but would of liked to find a top end closer to 2.8 or even 3GHz... :?
  9. Is it just me or can it be true that my 165 opty's stock voltage is 1.4 ?
  10. Nah, stock voltage is 1.35 :-)
  11. But if temps remain good, then 1.5 volts or lower should not harm processor. In my limited testing, 1.5 volts is the crest for gaining stability, any more power does not really help unless you are using LN cooling...
    So I believe that if your overclock at 1.4 volts is good, then increasing the voltage to 1.45 volts may make it more stable for 24/7 use, and should not harm the processor as long as getting good temps...
    I can do 2.64GHz with 1.4 volts, but occasional voltage flux cause it to drop to a low of 1.37 volts, and by using 1.45 volts, the low drop is only 1.42 volts... and stabilty is improved.
  12. what kind of ram do u have just wondering
  13. I took the IHS off of mine. 38c idle on air. 50-ish under load. Hand lapping the chipset heatsink brought chipset temps to low/mid 40's.

    You hear of dudes running 300htt @ 1.35v and such but in my case it's 1.425v.

    For the last three months I've been at 290x9@1.425v with nary a problem. She'll go to 2.85ghz but not for long. Need some water.

  14. Hmm... I wanna reseat my heatsink anyway, and once I do, I'm going 2.6GHz@1.4V (which it does currently). I'm just a little paranoid - not a good quality in an overclocker! Thanks.

    p.s. Seasonic PSUs are amazing, aren't they?

    About the RAM question, ATM its some crappy DDR400 CL2.5 OCZ memory I'm running at stock. I plan on getting some Crucial Ballistix DDR500 Tracer stuff though - expect FSBs of 290 or higher on stock voltage (2.8V) :-)
  15. i think i might have to same ram but i cant get it over 250mhz (i also have an opty 165)
  16. Same that I've got currently, or same that I'm getting?

    If you wanna get the CPU speeds up while keeping the RAM down, just set the CPU/FSB or CPU/RAM multiplier or ratio (it's called various things) down a few notches.

    Update: I reseated my Zalman cnps7000b cooler, cleaned and reapplied the arctic silver, cleaned out all the dust on it (yuck), and am now happily running it at 2610MHz@290FSB@1.4V with a temp under load of ~49 degrees - much better :-) Lesson: if temps aren't what you expect, clean yer heatsink and reapply yer paste!
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