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I got a question for you all...(Hopefully I'll get a responce) in a nut shell my system is an I7-950 6gigs of ram, Evga X58 SLI FTW3 motherboard, two GTX-460's running in SLI mode, and a PSU thats 1250......I just reinstalled...(Didn't format first because I was told you dont need to do that win win 7 os) WIN 7, updated ALL the drivers, bare bones running in the back ground, and yet when I'm downloading a program my system slows down to a crawl. And even when when I'm not downloading, the system is VERY slow. Dose anyone out there have any ideas what I can do to solve this issue??

Thank You.
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  1. you did not give all of the hardware configuration, what about the hard drives?

    you wanna run the operating system and your core applications on a separate
    small fast hard drive (like a velociraptor 70 GB)

    You wanna put all your personal files on a second large hard drive (Like 1 TB or more?)
    and you don't wanna mix your files onto the OS drive...

    You wanna do a reload of the OS when all of the new hardware is installed, so that
    the OS configures the hardware as installed...

    And by reload, I mean that you can put the 7 disk in the (new OS) drive and select: fresh installation--then load all your drivers onto the OS drive, then your programs. Your files stay on the second drive....

    And now go into the bios setup, and select a boot order where the OS drive boots before the file drive...
  2. Yep! most definitely sounds like a hd issue.
    i'd scan my hdd with sfc/scannow in safemode and run vendors diagnostic software.
  3. Ok I have my OS on a RAID0 configuration (2x128) "Western Digital VelociRaptor" so I understand thats about as fast as you can get before you step up to a SSD. And ALL my data is on another 1t HD. Also I did do a reinstall after ALL the hardware was installed. In my bios I have my OS on the "Raptor" which boots up first, and the only info that I have on the "RAID0" is Games plus the OS. I'll also performe the "Diagnostic" on the HD to clean that up.....Dose this sound good to you two???
  4. Alrighty then...Performed both "Diagnostic" tests, and ALL is just fine...No "Errors" at all......Any other suggestions???
  5. I would do it without the raid configuration, I think it would run faster.
  6. Ok sounds like a GOOD idea...But how do I performe that task???
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