FS - Coolmax 650W SLI POWER SUPPLY - asking $99

Manufacturer: Coolmax
Model: CW-650T
Power: 650W
SLI-Capable: YES!
Quiet: Yes

The above item is for sale, because I decided that I ought to buy 1000W to try a Peltier cooling setup. It has been used for a few weeks, and works great. It is one of Coolmax's most powerful and expensive units (except for the one that I'm about to upgrade to!!)

Please make offers! The retail price is $149, and I bought it for $119. I am asking $99 for this unit. It still has the full warranty.
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  1. Also, see the review here:


    +3.3V: 28 A
    +5V: 30A
    +12V1: 16A
    +12V2: 25A
    +12V3: 17A
    -12V: 0.5A
    +5VSB: 2.5A
  2. I'll offer you $80 (that includes the cost of shipping).
  3. Quote:
    I'll offer you $80 (that includes the cost of shipping).

    What's your zip code? I want to figure out how much $$ I'd actually get in my pocket. How about $89, and I pay for shipping?
  4. BUMP!

    Someone buy this! This guy is extremely flexible/reasonable with his price!
  5. bump... another day and then it's going on eBay.
  6. do you still have the unit?
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