Will my copy of Win7 work in this situation?

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I had an alienware m15x laptop with win7 'till one day the MOBO died. They couldn't fix the problem and because of the m15x getting discontinued just some weeks ago they couldn't send me a replacement either, that's why I'm getting a refund with which I intend to build a gaming desktop. I kept my laptop's HDD because of privacy measures. Now that you know to which situation I was referring, here goes my question: If I clone my 2.5" HDD to a 3.5" one and then install that HDD in my new rig will the OS still work? I know that if my lap had a OEM win7 copy it's going to be bounded to the original MoBo but I'm not sure if it was an OEM version, is there any way to know if it was one? I still have the original Win7 Disc . Thanks!
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    There is an extremely small chance that cloning might work, but it almost certainly won't. Dell sometimes gives install disks, so it might be possible to use the one that came with your laptop to install on your desktop, but there might be activation issues.
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