My games keep crashing windows 7

I am really at a loss. I can't play any of my games on my PC. This started a little more than a month ago. About 5 - 10 minutes into gameplay, it just crashes. The screen goes black and the sound makes a repetitive clicking noise, and when I try to turn it on it says: Going into power off mode. I dusted the computer, which helped for about 5 minutes. Then I thought it was overheating. I checked my CPU-heater and it was fine. It wasn't hot at all. I really need to fix this problem I think I am going insane. :pfff:

The sad thing is I just bought this computer less than a year ago; I went to best buy and bought their best model. As in, the screens huge, the processor is top-notch, and the graphics card is good.
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  1. properly insert your ram in to Socket
  2. There are several things that can cause this, the first thing I would look at is the power supply. It is also helpful to post your system specs.
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