Pentium D960 or Conroe E6400

Hi guys,

First post here so it's good to meet everyone. I have had the same rig for about 3 years now and it's time to upgrade. I have a Raptor that I am carrying over and the rest of the stuff (drives, keyboard, etc.) I will also carry over. The main four components that I need to get are:

Video card

Since this is the CPU forum I will just stick to the CPU. I have been reading up so I know the new Dual Core CPUs are coming from Intel soon. I was just wondering if it is possible to get a CPU that will perform as well as the Conroe CPUs now? I am eager to get the machine built so I am not that interested in waiting a month. I was looking at the Pentium D960 which is available now. How do you think it will compare to the Conroe E6400? Would it be a big mistake not to wait for the Conroe? Thanks for any suggestions!!
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  1. Either wait for conroe or get an amd set up. Conroe eats pentium D for breakfast. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dual core net burst technology. sell you old stuff and then upgrade.
  2. Go Conroe, its very much worth it.
  3. Definately get the Conroe. If you want to save a bit of $$$, then get the E6300 and overclock it.
  4. Definitely wait for Conroe. The only reason you shouldn't is if you absolutely need a PC immediately. And even then, an AMD would be better than a Netburst chip.
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