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It should be here thursday, i have a crt moniter. i was just wondering, if i could just hook it up to my 27 inch tv with the rca cables..
or would the crt give a better picture for gaming..
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  1. The crt will give you higher resolutions and a crisper picture.
  2. No comparison, the crt will be much better. TV's just don't have the resolution to match a good monitor.
  3. yes, you could hook it to your TV... but why would you?

    The monitor is progressive scan (like HD tv is) high-res while your 27" tv is interlaced low-res picture. You can also change the res on your monitor and on the TV you can't. Running your TV would be roughly the equivalent of running a game at 640x480 and then displaying only half of the display info at one time. ;)

    Even a 17" monitor, lcd or crt, will look better (especially close up) than any analog TV... and most HD tvs.
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