Upgrade + Build Plan... Critique and advice encouraged

i will be upgrading my system completely soon
it will be running windows XP on a 19" monitor with a secondary monitor 15" or less.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
Mobo: ASUS P5B Deluxe Wifi
Ram: 2x 1gb Corsair DDR2 XMS2-6400C5
Hdd: Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 160GB SATA-II 8MB Cache
2nd Hdd: 300gb WD IDE (already have this)
PSU: Tagan 430W ATX2.01 Easycon SLi Compliant Modular Silent PSU
Case: Asus TA-210

GPU: UNDECIDED (possibly x1800XT or the one lower)

im trying to build as cheap as possible whilst creating a powerful pc that will be good for several years

Input and criticism greatly appreciated!
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  1. What do you want to use it for?

    Also, the 160GB drive w/8MB cache seems small on both counts. You can pick up a 250-300GB SATA drive w/16MB cache for less than 100 USD.
  2. Let me warn you: I'm not that good with Intel builds, so bear with me, lol.

    Well, the motherboard looks good, but it isn't 100% future proof. As you know Quad-CPU's are coming around at the end of this year and only Gigabyte has a Core 2 Duo ready and a Quad-Core CPU ready motherboard. GigaByte GA-965P-DQ6
    NewEgg Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6

    I know it is a bit more expensive then the ASUS, but future proof-ability doesn't come cheap.

    Memory looks good, CPU looks good... To "future-proof" yourself some more Seagate offers Perpendicular Drives, a good 320GB should suit you.

    I've never heard of "Tagan". Do they make quality PSUs? Either way, you are shooting yourself in the foot with only 480W and wanting future proofness. A Thermaltake ToughPower should help. I hope I am not going over your budget any.

    For even more future proofness, you'll want a DX10 card which comes out later this year...Get a X1900XT or 7900GT right now and then upgrade to a DX10 card in a few years because 1st-gen isn't always the best.

  3. I Agree with just about everything Ibrahim said. The 6-Quad is a beast.

    I most strongly agree with the PSU comment. That was what really struck me when I saw your setup. Go for at leat 550. I also like Nvidia for a gpu but thats a preference thing.
  4. Really? Good, I was a little scared then since it is so "future" proof that it might be misssing out on some present features...

    There is a X1900XT selling for $389 with $100 rebate at NewEgg, I'd pounce on the deal. It outperforms the 7900GT pretty well, but it has one hell of a noisy cooler. You could spend a couple bucks and throw a Arctic Cooling GPU cooler on it, though I think that it voids your warranty...

    The 7900GT is a good card and can be had in the lowish $200 range if you look hard enough.

  5. I would agree on the PSU spot. Might want to go with a good name brand... (not to say they AREN'T good, but I've never heard of them)

    As for the motherboard, not too sure, not really good on Intel builds as I've stuck with AMD since K6. I'm actually reading these type of posts for my own benefit, to get an idea of the build types...

    quick question though, what's your budget?
  6. The problem is i am in the UK and things get pricy very fast with NO rebates. i mean at the moment withbuying a 19" screen aswell this is already costing £1000 (roughly $1700)

    i will not be able to afford higher than an X1800XT (its prob the max, i could prob look on ebay but can only spend aroun £150 which is about $270ish.. if i was in the states i would be right onto that x1900xt rebate)

    im not to bothered about core quad. i will be using the computer mainly for gaming, media and work (allround) i am a uni student and this will be the centre of my world.. media communication play and work :P

    im also trying to keep it as quiet as possible (another key point)

    my choice of mobo: i like asus builds, wifi AP solo is very handy dual gb Lan, i wont be runing dual GFX (i will look into the gigabyte one though)

    psu comments: Tagan manufacture silent psus and i have a few friends who swear by them :) thankyou i will take them on board and beef up the psu. to a higher wattage

    Im not going total future proofing i just would like to be secure for a few yrs (bar Hdds) i want to make sure i will be able to play games like BF2142, spore, crysis, cell factor etc atleast decently.

    anymore comment and critique especiallay regarding gfx cards) will be happily taken on board
  7. I should point out that there is some speculation that boards which support Conroe, will also support Kentsfield, but will require a BIOS update to do so. Take this with a grain of salt though..... this rumor has by no means been confirmed.
  8. Been confirmed with the DQ6 board from Gigabyte, but then again thats with kentsfields that are circulating now, who knows if intel will still change something. (Plus that board is EXPENSIVE $280 on newegg)

    So weird having to take different contries into affect, previous forum I was on was all US so newegg was mainstream.
  9. not bothered about kentsfield.

    in the uk we use www.overclockers.co.uk tends to be the best
    so check it out and bare in mind that £1 = $1.7-1.8 :S
  10. If you want to try to save id reccomend getting 5400 ram not 6400. As the FSB is 1066 then unless you overclock quite seriously then you wont go near the dual channel 800Mhz.
  11. Ah, sorry. I guess those prices don't matter then, if you are in the UK.

    The X1800XT is still a good card...

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