my story...Conroe E6300 or a x1900xt vid card - long

Please take time and consideration, reading this, And thank you for reading this :P ^_^Y

Note: I am a new forum member, i'm not sure if this is the right place to put this topic, but it does have some relation to CPU. @_@ I really need you guys to help me out, cuz this is extremely frustrating and i really need everyone's opinion. Anyways... heres my situation in real life.

Hey guys. Well, it's summer now, and I'm planning to upgrade a certain components for my computer. I built a system last year, and right now, i regret for building it (well i'd hate to admit it). Last year the rig i built was - > (just to note: all from retail, not online liek newegg, i'm only 14 yr old , and i do not have any access to debit, visa, credit or paypal cards w.e ^_^Y) Plz don't flame at me just cuz i'm 14 year girl =)

The following Specs- (including accesories) (a brief description nothing to detailed for the following )
- Amd althon 3500+ @ 2.2ghz 939
-A coolermaster case with stock psu 380watt
-powercolour x800xl
- a MSI k8n- f neo mobo 939 pci express 16x
- 1gb OCZ dual channel 2-2-2-5 PC3200 gold edition DDR
- a 160gb segate hdd
- lg 16xdvd-writer
- a zalman cpu cooler
-integrated sound card
- 19inch samung monitor 8ms reponse time
-Logitech (970123) X-230 2.1 Speaker System - 32W RMS -
- A quickcam from logetich
- saitek ecplise, and a mx510 mouse from logetich
etc... and yeah..

I regret building a system that costs me a sum of 2300$ to make, in CAD (canadian dollars). Yes it was really expensive, but now it's not worth much. (-___- 2005....). Okay forgot pitying myself right now. Okay so tahts my rig, i've should of listen to my pc adviser (my dad lol). I could of waited for 3 more months for AM2, so i would be in the Generation, but now i'm out of it. After hard-earned cash of doing some video-editing and soem good grades for my parents, i have about 590$ in CAD. Now 590$ Isn't that much come to think of it, sure it can somewhat make a horrible budget gaming machine, but it my terms its not a lot i could put in, since most of the stuff i wanan upgrade is somewhat expensive. (P.S Dad will pay for additional stuff or even if prices peak a LITTLE over, liek 10-30$...)

Now this month the Core 2 duos came out, and i was fasinated by the results. It was my other chance to get in the gen, cuz i know it whoped am2 in the nuts. I haven't been reading much hardwares news here and there, cuz of work and school. So i'm basically kind of lost here and there. If i upgrade to a core 2 duo, i would have to upgrade my mobo, since im using a 939 atm. And i would have to upgrade to DDR2 ram, getting into next gen of course. Lots of frustration here, my dad would be pissed at me if i had all these left over junkies that i can't sell right? (Iunno, finding those boxes n bundle cds are hard...)

I myself, love gaming. I use a x800xl which was kind of a great card before the 7800gtxs. I was so dumb, and didn't really understand the concepts of shadermodel 2 and 3 and how the fact that nV cards supported HDR that time. I though sm3 was just a marketing tool (rofl which it is obviously but also features a ton of great stuff). I am a game enthusiast that love my games to look great and peform great of course. Thats where the x1900xt intrigued me the most. 48 blah blah. You know what i'm takling about. The XT in canada is actually cheaper then the 79gtx. So i guess i go with cheaper stuff then. Lowest price i found was the HIS x1900xt non iceq3, just around 444.99$ at tiger

Let's Continue on.. part 2...

Okay i admit, i am greedy. I also want to upgrade my case, to an ARMOR JR, cuz it looks just soo cool and cute. My cousin uses thermaltake's armor SR rofl. So being the little sis is pretty cool (in terms of cases lol). If i get a x1900xt that means i would have to change my psu. I researched and came to conclude that a OCZ modstream 450watt ultra silent is a ideal psu and is consistant and quiet. At 79.99$ CAD.

Armor jr case costs roughly around 114.99-130$ depending on what kind of material, the alluminum or the steel. Black vs Silver. (i prefer black since it matches my theme). If i get armor jr, i can't get an x1900xt. It's over 590$ basically, so does that mean i have to get a cheaper card? Say an 7900GT? or a x1900gt iceq3 or x1800gto even cheaper! :P ( In terms of cards atm, i really prefer 512mb cards, because i've just bought TOMB RAIDER LEGENDS and i really wanna enable the next gen content and run it smoothy, surely theres a registry hack to enable it for sm2 cards but i tried it and didn't liek it cuz it was a pain in the ass :oops: , 15fps :cry: .

Anyways, only 590$CAD to spend, what should i get? Its almost august and thats when i am going to spend my money to upgrade. Should i upgrade to Core 2 Duo...meaning i would have to buy a new mobo, and new ram. Or a HIS x1900xt + modstream power supply. Oh yeah speaking of mobo, thats expensive especially those x975s.... i might as well stick with a x965 gigabyte.

-Intel® Core™2 Duo E6300, 1.86-GHz @ 1066Mhz w/ 2Mb Cache (Socket 775) (Retail Box) w/ Heat Sink & Fan, *254.99$ CAD

-Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Socket 775 Intel 965 Express + ICH8 Chipset Dual Channel DDR2 533/667/800 Gigabit Lan Intel High Definition Audio PCI-Express x16 Graphics 6xSATAII Support Core2 Duo CPU *
179.99$ CAD

- And RAM....... i don't think i can shove a lot in here, probably maybe no name brand? 1gb? DDR2 memory? Or liek some cheap corsair value selects? 1gb for liek 100$?. Iunno But Memory can wait since i am going to vista.... -.- , Let's just say 1gb dual channel OCZ values for now rofl...( :( no more xtreme gamer editon with nice gold coating :cry: . 103.99$ CAD

okay thats the pack for the core 2 duo upgrade., so the total is roughy around $619.9 CAD. That means i have no left over money, that could go Dad will pay the additionals here. Iunno, i just love spending money..... okay enough @_@.


HIS Radeon X1900 XT / 512MB GDDR3 / PCI Express / Dual DVI / VIVO / Crossfire Ready / Video Card *--444.99$ CAD

- OCZ ( ModStream 450 Watt Power Supply Ultra Quiet, Chrome Finish *Supports ATX/BTX/PCI-E/SATA peaks up to 520watts, 79.99$ CAD

Total - 603$ CAD

Not much needed to say, but gaming in high quality is one of my favourite things to see. Well my whole intention for this summer was to get a new video card upgrade, but since core 2 duo came out, it made me change my mind about it.

Okay what should i get? Any suggestions or even newer ones? I read some articles about the x1950xt/x/pro etc etc. @_@, the cooling solution is CRAZy..., and its coming out in late august i heard, or was that the samples? But anyways, i could wait for that instead but who knows... k.

If i get the core 2 duo, will it improve my performance in gaming? I'm using x800xl atm, iunno if it will. And my cpu is a 939 amd althon 3500...

k enough talk im tired of writing and i want soem dinner and replies ...

EDIT: oh yeah, for those whos gonna say that amd's x2 +5000 am2 cpus are liek 300$ only, yeah thats crazy but the thing that sucks 4 me is that my zalman cpu cooler those support AM2 only 775 :P
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  1. I just put together a new system. with a 7900gt, A64 3800+ and a gig of ram, I can run just about any game completely maxed out. without the case and power supply I spent around $580(though it took my a month to save up for, at minimum wage). A few weeks later I saved up some more and bought all the rest of the components(newer case, better power supply).

    If i get the core 2 duo, will it improve my performance in gaming? I'm using x800xl atm, iunno if it will. And my cpu is a 939 amd althon 3500...

    video card have a bigger impact on gaming then processors. unless you went for the high high-end models (FX-62, x6800), you wouldn't see much of a diff.
  2. I would go for the Conroe myself, or at least a dual core s939 chip. Multithreaded games will start becoming the norm.

    I think the difference (noticable, anyway) between a x800 and a x1900 might be a little disappointing to you. While there is no question that the x1900xt is a much better card, I'm not sure how much of a noticable improvement you'll get at 1280x1024 (which I am assuming is your monitor's resolution.) I think your better off upgrading your platform now, and upgrade your videocard when the dx10 cards come out.
  3. Quote:
    Please take time and consideration, reading this, And thank you for reading this :P ^_^Y

    There's a guy called Nottheking or something like that on this forum. If you and he ever get into a discussion, you'll totally wipe the bandwidth of the whole of Tom's servers.
  4. WOW ok to begin with you sound very very spoiled / greedy being 14 years old and you got a 2300 dollar PC 1 year ago and already upgrading again...... Now I would seriosly suggest NOT trying to upgrade the whole PC that much! Here is my advice stay AMD why? Becuase you can save the cost of a brand new mobo right there! With AMD price cuts it is a viable alternative to core 2 EXSPECIALLY for people with AMD mobos already. I would suggest getting a Athlon x2 5000+ 330 bucks here in the USA dont know what the equavalent is in Canada. then take the extra cash you have left over and pop in another 1gig stick 2gb of ram REALLY helps for most games nowadays and soon you will be needing 4gb! You graphics card is FINE it is a perfectly good graphics card for now keep it till next gen comes out! and my finale advice try to save money when looking at computer hardware dont just throw out ALL your old stuff!

    good luck.
  5. I'm pretty sure the X2 5000 is only AM2, at least I haven't seen any 939 ones around
  6. Avoid scratching the itch and save some more money. Let the excitement of conroe wear off and see where prices are in a few months. A few months' more money and some wearing off of upgrade fever should provide some new options for you. :D
  7. Basically you are a hardware junkie and like gaming...
    since you have a decent gaming CPU and mobo + exc DDR RAM...
    I would suggest your GPU and PSU upgrade would be ideal if all you want is the best gaming upgrade for the money, and definatly overclock you current CPU with that setup... You should easily be able to tweak 400MHz making that a 2.6GHz CPU...
    and that rig will then play the highest detail at FPS equivalant to similar if you had also a Core2Duo inside, since the sys will be bottlenecked by the GPU in either system... and then chill out and enjoy your gaming while honing your tech skills in the overclocking arena... :wink:
  8. Quote:
    "HIS Radeon X1900 XT / 512MB GDDR3 / PCI Express / Dual DVI / VIVO / Crossfire Ready / Video Card *--444.99$ CAD
    - OCZ ( ModStream 450 Watt Power Supply Ultra Quiet, Chrome Finish *Supports ATX/BTX/PCI-E/SATA peaks up to 520watts, 79.99$ CAD
    Total - 603$ CAD
    Not much needed to say, but gaming in high quality is one of my favourite things to see."

    For gaming, this fixes the weakest parts of you system. Go for it.
  9. i like you built my pc last year

    and like you im excited by the release of conroe and the price drops of AMD however i told myself that i would only upgrade every 2-3 years as if you upgrade when the latest and greatest new techs are released you will soon find yourself with no money as upgrades are released roughly every 6 months (just a rough estimate) i.e this month is conroes release and im guessing in 6 months it will be Vista and Dx10 cards.
    now then if you realy want to upgrade how about getting yourself a raid array or a sound card or maybe some better speakers (something that can be transferred when you do upgrade).
    i myself am currently starting to build myself a custom water cooling unit similar in a way to the vapochill series (i will post a work log here when i actually get past the designing stage) this way when i do build a new pc based on the technology of next year i.e C2D 7600 and 8800GT i can use this system to cool it
    whatever your interested in just make sure you stay within your budget and think about whether you really need it or would it be better to save the money for a long term upgrade
    btw wish i had a rig like that at 14 i had to make do with a celeron 466 with an IGP:roll:
  10. Quote:
    "HIS Radeon X1900 XT / 512MB GDDR3 / PCI Express / Dual DVI / VIVO / Crossfire Ready / Video Card *--444.99$ CAD
    - OCZ ( ModStream 450 Watt Power Supply Ultra Quiet, Chrome Finish *Supports ATX/BTX/PCI-E/SATA peaks up to 520watts, 79.99$ CAD
    Total - 603$ CAD
    Not much needed to say, but gaming in high quality is one of my favourite things to see."

    For gaming, this fixes the weakest parts of you system. Go for it.

    Agreed. do this and you dont spent a lot of money to get a great gaming rig. Dont beat yourself up over this, new hardware is always on the horizon and you will always think you should have waited for the next best thing. Look at my sig we have some what simmiler systmes although yours is better and I plan on keeping mine going for another year before an upgrade. And this will allow time for conroe to mature, and most importantly become cheaper.

    If you want more of an upgrade look into a 939 cpu they are cutting prices way down to stay competitive, or look into an opty cpu they can oc like hell but not so worth the money any more.

    I noticed you do some tweaking, I didnt read the whole post but I did a good once over, anyway some things that you can do if you havent already are,
    1. go to bios and make sure that your memory is running at 2-2-2-5 1T timeings, my corsair is rated that low too but my mobo auto settings had it way higher, I got a 5 fps boot in FEAR by doing this
    2. you have good stuff so oc that cpu. I have a newcastle core 3500+ and they suck at oc the most I get is 2.6 from 2.2, I dont know what core you have but you should get a little out of it.
    3. disable all the stuff you dont need in bios like a floppy drive, firewire, a second network port, ect. this frees up some stuff not too much of a help but hey its something.
    4. for games oc your vid card too that will help, but if you get a new vid card you should be fine with no oc

    and this last one is just my opinion I think you built a great system for a first build, just oc the hell out of it now its free power for your system why not, the warrenty is prolly out on most of the stuff anyway.
  11. thanks for the information guys, i appericiate the comments.
  12. I would suggest a 7900GT and a Mushkin power supply.

    At your resolution, having 512MB of video memory will do nothing. Trust me. I game at 1680 x 1050 on a 7900GT with details maxed on just about every game (FEAR and Prey are the two I can't run completely maxed out, but close). At stock speeds.

    And that PSU will work for years to come. Mushkin's pretty new in the power supply market, but they seem to know what they're doing.

    With the money you save, get an extra GB (2 x 512MB) of RAM. That will help your system performance a lot, and make everything run a lot smoother. 2GB is optimal.

  13. interesting... but if i upgrade my ram, does that mean i am going to stick with 939 liek forever? This is my last upgrade for another 2 years, so i think i might wanna purchase high end products or the most value components as much as possible. Since it will degenerate slowly and phase out, i am very active in hardware news, and reading articles about new devices and parts , spark my eyes, making me really want to buy them more. So iunno i'm a crazzzy person, but all i know here, is i'm stuck with either upgrading my cpu to core 2 duo, or a high end graphics card. Note that i would also have to upgrade my mobo, but i think the 2gb of ram can wait, since most of the stocks are completely getting wiped off cuz of the 4gb vista.

    So its really frustrating here, i don't know what i should upgrade. This month i'm going to get some math tutoring just to refresh my knowledge back, and daily i will go 2 there as i would like school. There isn't much time for gaming and such, and i need to stay active in my studies. My cousin is also upgrading as well, he might get a little jealous of what i'm going to get ( that is if i do).

    What do you think has more value and last longer? I heard the x1900xt's going to phase out soon, cuz of the x1950 replacement.

    Also, what do you guys think about the case i'm uisng, its a cooler master centurion 5, or is it 5? @_@ iunno but i did do some research and saw a video review on and it looked exactly liek my cooler master centurion, but im not sure about the series, you guys think i should keep the case? It has air filters =\ how the hell u clean those? Oh yeah for samir, i have a venice core.
  14. I just bought the centurion 5... if its the one you have, its a great case and I'll probably stick with it for a few years
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