Cooling upgrade for an AGP 6200

Hey all, this is my first post here so sorry if I do anything wrong. I hope this is the right sub-forum at least.

I recently upgraded a PC with an Inno3D GeForce 6200 AGP. Being both noise-conscious and very much on a budget, I appreciated the passive cooling. But the recent hot weather has highlighted this cards susceptibility to suffer from graphical "artifacting" (is that the right word?)

I getting repeated multicoloured lines and jagged colours on lots of textures whilst playing games, and it's becoming more annoying by the day. 80C seems far too hot for a graphics card in my mind, and this is after a few hours of playing something like World of Warcraft or Counter-Strike Source. It tends to sit around ~45C when I'm on the desktop. Is this normal?

So what I'm wondering is: what are my options when it comes to purchasing a better cooler for my card? I'm looking for a reasonably priced solution with an adequate fan. Almost everything I've turned up on Google has been for the PCI-Express version of the 6200. Can anybody point a newbie in the right direction? Thanks for your help
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  1. I decided to do a little test today, in order to get a better idea of what the onboard cooling can deal with.

    After turning on the PC and leaving it idle on the desktop for about 10 minutes, the nVidia control panel told me it was at 60C. I then ran a few games, Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft, for 3 or 4 hours. After this the card was running at close to 90C.

    As soon as the graphical errors started appearing, I checked the control panel and it was reporting roughly 78C.

    Whilst the silence I get from this card is appreciated, it's clear that the onboard cooling can't really cope with what I'm throwing at it (demanding games and hours of constant use). Can anybody lend some advice or ideas on what I can do to improve this? Thanks :wink:
  2. well, I think these things are not normal at all (to 80c !!!). my card is also a 6200, and it's temp. arounf 40c if i am on the desktop, and will not get above 70c if i play on half life 2 eps. 1 (and 75c if overclocked). -although the weather is hot.

    if you have overclocked your card, make sure to low it's overclocking (or unclock it)
    if not, then there should be somthing wrong.

    by the way ,there are a small PCI fans that get in the pci slot next to the card :

    or... you can apply a big fan (like the one on the case) over the card's heatsink :D , and believe me, the temp will not exceed 55 - 60 :wink: (with extra noise for sure)
  3. Great, thanks for your reply R9. If 80C isn't a normal temperature, then I'm guessing the 107C I had earlier isn't doing the card much good either 8O

    I'm not sure there's anything wrong with the card. The excess heat is probably down to the recent heat wave, and the general cheapness of my cases layout and construction. Your idea about a PCI fan card makes a lot more sense, as I've had no luck finding a "proper" cooling solution for what is clearly an uncommon card. What say you to this, from Vantec? Something that big and blue looks like it could handle the heat.

    Anyone know of how good or bad this Vantec product is?
  4. Dude :D

    Check this: I have one (different model) for my ATI X800GTO oc'd w/unlocked pipes. Works great and is easy to install.
  5. I agree that a slot cooler is a good idea. I know Antec make a good one with cool blue LED's for only a few dollars. You could just purchase a 40mm fan and screw it to the passive cooler on the card. I imagine it might give enough heat reduction without having to swap the whole cooling solution.

    But you need to remember that the you have to consider where the air goes once it has made it into the case. Good overall cooling is helped by understanding that you have to match the air coming in to the case to that leaving. Otherwise you'll get some kind of back pressure and dead spots. I try to match the total number of mm of fans blowing in to that of those blowing out. So 1x80mm + 1x40mm blowing in.... equals 1x 120mm blowing out. It's hard to get perfect but it's worth considering. All too many cases have nothing sucking air in ( they just leave vents ) and then put 3 output fans. It's crazy.
  6. @Ecosoft - Yeah, I was looking at that a while ago. However, I've checked the technical drawings of it against my card and the mounting holes just wouldn't fit. Must be a different board layout for PCI-E versions of the 6200

    @GavinLeigh - Yes, the Ventec card cooler does look very appealing, and very well priced too. All the reviews I've seen on it have commented on its cooling power which should suit me well.

    As for your comments on fan layout, currently I have fan at the front and one in the center of the rear of the case. The front is an intake one, and the rear also appears to be an intake one. Bizarre, but it's got the job done up until now. By taking the advice of the reviews I've seen on the Vantec cooler and leaving an empty PCI slot on either side of it, I should be able to keep good air flow around it. I'm not expert though, but this makes sense to me.
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