Neverwinter Nights server goes live November 4th

The post below is from the RPG Workshop forum, but because this information came up in a thread in the video card section, I thought I would post it here in the Games section where it belongs.

The Neverwinter Nights server I have been playing on for the last eight months, The World of Antaria, is about to close down and be replaced by a brand new server named Lith Crescera. If you have never gone into a free online NWN game world, give LC a chance when it comes out. You would be starting out with 1st level characters just like everyone else. A new server with a fresh start for all players is an awesome experience. And it is a massive game world with over 300 maps...

The projected date of release is said to be this Friday, November 4th. The server can be found in PW Story when you attempt to find an Internet game. NWN will need to be updated to 1.66 and the 1.52 version of the CEP (community expansion pack) will also need to be installed. Below is a short ReadMe from the forum...


Goodbye World of Antaria, Hello Lith Crescera

As you may or may not know, the reason most of the DMs have been in hiding for the last year or so is because we've been working on a new module for the server.

The time is quickly approaching where we can finally leave rurps Evil Lab of module building and once again return to the daylight and bring our the offspring of our joint labours with us.

In preperation for this day, we've compiled this FAQ that should answer a few of those questions that you might have on how this is going to effect gameplay.

Q) Whats the name of the new game we're going to be playing?
A) The name of the new module is 'Lith Crescera', something to do with Crecents or something.

Q) Am I going to still be able to play World of Antaria?
A) No, Lith Crescera is going to replace World of Antaria as our NWN persistant world.

Q) Whats going to happen to my characters that I've worked months on to build up?
A) As the new module is a new world, we WON'T be moving the player vault across to it. This means that you will need to create new characters to play on Lith Crescera.

Q) But I want to keep my characters you meanie!
A) You can export your old characters from the server vault if you want to keep your character files, however no one is going to be able to use them on our new module. We understand how attached people can be to their characters, most of the DMs have more than 1 level 40 character that is around 2 years old and we'll miss them, but we're going to be looking forward to creating new characters to play with!

Q) Why are we getting a new mod? Whats wrong with the old one?
A) We're struggling to remember why we did this new mod too, but I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that World of Antaria was built before Bioware had released the updates that allowed charactrers to be built to level 40, hence there isn't a lot of Antaria that caters for these epic characters. Also I think I mentioned something about wanting guards at night to have lanterns. Yes, lanterns that was it, thats why we've spent a year building the mod, our guards at night have lanterns.

Q) So what special stuff does Lith Crescera have that World of Antaria doesn't?
A) You mean the guards at night with Lanterns aren't enough for you? OK, how about a few epic quests? A huge unique campaign setting to go along with the module? An emporium of dancing girls? Player housing with persistant storage (which of course brings the most evil of all encounters - Estate Agents!)? Of course theres more, but we don't want to spoil the surprise!

Hope these are useful, more FAQs to follow, if you want to ask a question let us know (provided its not a maths question).

The RPG Workshop Team.

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  1. LC is live. Go to PS Story and look for RPG Workshop / Lith Crescera and have fun!
  2. LC is live. Go to PS Story and look for RPG Workshop / Lith Crescera and have fun! :D
  3. How are things going so far? Lots of people?

    I don't have this game but it is number 2 on my list to get.
  4. The server is going great. Lots is realitive... not the hundreds like WoW, but for a new NWN server, it is great... between 10 and 20 people at peak times... and that is the way I like it... my friends play there, and the players not my friends quickly become online friends... and so far, just like Antaria, no PvP crazy @ssholes around... it is a well developed game world... do get NWN... I got a new copy of the Plat edition off of e-bay last spring for under $20 shipped...
  5. Im sorry to bring up this old thread but im not sure if my PM went through to you.


    I was searching for any info on World Of Antaria i could find and i was lead to this thread

    I played WoA for about the last 8 months of its life. I didnt move to Lith Crescera.

    Did the builders/DM's end up doing anything else with nwn2? I remember Gagor, rurp and a lot of others.

    You can email me at
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