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Hello folks,

I'm a new member and this is my first post. I have lurked around for a week or two, and thought I might oughta jump in.

I have been building and modding rigs since the mid '90s, but I've been away from the scene for several years now. My first build was an Abit ax5 with a amd 233 OC to 275. That was the start. I started working tech support for Creative Labs back in '97, and the systems kept coming from then on.

Anyway, all this talk about price drops and core2 got me thinking it was time to upgrade my p4 with radeon 9500pro.

About the only games I play are counterstrike, oblivion, and Age3.

So I was in my local Fry's today, and spotted what seemed like a decent deal... AMD x2 3800, ECS (ya, I'll be sorry for this one, but it was free) c51gm-m, 1 gig Corsair xms2 (5400), and a 100gig Maxtor SATA. I was out the door for $350, tax and all.

I already had a case (Antec Sonata), and the rest.

It is at my wife's desk getting a fresh install of WinXP as we speak (11minutes to go).

That onboard video is going to last about as long as it takes for me to make up my mind and get one shipped.

If the 100gig is a fast enough HD, I'll probably leave it one partition, and load system and program files to it. I already have another 200gig SATA, but I'm typing with it at the moment.

So a couple of questions, if I may:

Which video card. I'm leaning toward the 7600gt. I'd prefer to keep it under $200, I'm just not as serious of a gamer as I use to be.

Will my current 350ps keep up with any video card upgrade, or do I need to add that to the list as well?

What about this motherboard? I couldn't not try it, as it was free (x2 3800 was $200 whether or not I got the board). I'd like to get a little OC with stock cooling, but nothing to extreme. If the board is total POS, I'll drop a Sempron in and give it to one of my sons.

Anyway, feedback and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for having me.
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  1. I'd say try the board, but expect it to have limitted overclocking options. C51G is a fine chipset, it's what the C51XE is based on.
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