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I have a pioneer 109 dvdr writer. Recently it hasnt been reading discs. The discs just spins in the drive but nothing else happens. I have it set up to bring up a a choice of things to do once a disc is insereted, but again nothing happens. But if you right click and then exlpore the disc you can see the dvd files in the Video TS folder. But if you try and play the files in say Power DVD they files wont play. The only discs i has been able to read are blank ones

Can anybody please shed any light on what the prob could be or is my drive basically kanckered?
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  1. migh be a problem with your codec?
    only happening with dvd movies?

    i got a problem with movies too..
    MI2 and tombraider 2 (the craddle of life) are both not playing, and the are both suposed to be playable on pc.. i got other movies thta is not made for pc at all, but they play just fine.
    it have happened with a movie i rented too..

    the drive simply cant read it, it tries and tries for a few minutes, then gives up and handle the disk as empty.

    the disks are not scratched at all (exept for the rented one) and they play fine on my old computer.

    my drive is: LITE-ON DVDRW SHM-165p6s
    there is no drivers at all on their website (at least i dont see any), and again, it is only a few movies.

    so what do you say? should i RMA or is there an easy way to deal with it (i would hate missing my computer for a week or two)
    i could just ignore the problem i gues, but i hate when my things dont work.
  2. hi.
    i syggest you use cd lens cleaner to clean the haed of drive.
    this may fix the problem.
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