New Core 2 Duo system - any thing I have missed?

I am currently working on assembling the components for my next PC.

The PC will be used as my primary workstation and for gaming.

I would be grateful for any comments, recommendations in regards to choice of platform and/or components.

The combined price for the system is approximately 2.000 USD

Antec Performance One P150, Midi 430Watt
Antec Neo HE550EC, PSU, 550W
Asus P5W/DH/Deluxe, LGA775
Intel Core2 Duo E6600, BOX, LGA775
Corsair Twin2X2048-6400, 2x1024MB
Asus EN7900GT/TOP/2DHT/256M, PCI-E or Asus EAX1900XT/2DHTV/512M, 512MB PCI-E
PowerColor Theater 550 Pro, PCI-Express
Zalman CNPS 9500 AT, LGA775
2 * WD Caviar SE16 3200KS, 320GB, SATAII - For RAID 1 setup
NEC ND-4551,DVD±RW, Black

Thank you in advance, for any help!!!
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  1. Just a thought: have you considered getting 4*512MB ram chips. If I'm not mistaken 4 512 chips is actually a bit faster than 2 1024 due to the size difference, the signals have less distance to cover. I've also seen many 2*512 kits that had better timings than 2*1024, and in some cases it would even be cheaper to get two smaller kits to end up with the same overall amount. If you are set on that kit go for it, but if you aren't thinking about upgrading to 4GB in the future this might be a viable alternative for you!

    Good luck!

    P.S. IMHO ASUS rocks! I've had a couple of their boards and so far they've been pretty reliable.
  2. i dunno on ddr2 but on ddr1 it's better having 2x1GB that having 4x512MB , because it has less sockets to cover , and i've seen 1GB modules with better and faster timmings, of course they are a bit more expensive.
  3. Don't go with the 4 * 512. It's probably better in the short term, but I believe in future-proofing, and it will end up being a bitch to expand later. A good Conroe setup will last a long time, so just get 2*1gig now. Who knows, when Vista comes out with their min of 2 gigs, people will start upping to 4 gigs and you would have been stuck with all your slots full. The Asus board is probably the best choice right now. Corsair is also good memory, since I hear OCZ has issues with Asus boards. I like Nvidia better than the ATI, so go with the 7900GT. Everything else looks pretty good to me, mgiht want a better case, but thats more of a personel perference thing than anything important.
  4. get 2*1gb, if you do you can run dual channel, itll double the bandwidth of the ram

    from xbit labs
    By the way, 1GB memory modules used to be pretty rare and cost quite a bit of money until recently. However, the situation has changed lately, as the memory chips needed for 1GB memory modules production became wider available. As a result, there appeared some pretty fast overclocker’s DDR SDRAM modules with 1GB capacity in the market. Unfortunately, they cannot boast the same characteristics as 512MB solutions most popular among computer enthusiasts. Of course, you can equip your system with 2GB of memory by installing 4 x512MB modules. However, this solution will always work slower than a system equipped with a pair of 1GB memory DIMMs (this is primarily true for Athlon 64 systems, but also works for Pentium 4 based platforms in many cases). Moreover, a solution like that would be less economical. Anyway, all these statements need to be proven by practical tests, so let’s pass straight to the tests then.

    yes it talks about normal ddr not ddr 2 but the fact is still the same..

    you buy 4*512 mb ddr2 @ 800mhz (ddr) you will be able to run the ram in single channel meaning you get the normal 800mhz frequency with your ram. IT WILL OPERATE SLOWER THAN YOUR FSB SPEED!!!! FOR BEST RESULTS RAM SHOULD BE FASTER THAN THE FSB!!! however ....

    if you bought 2*1024mb ddr2 @800mhz (ddr) you could, as the motherboard you're buying supports it, run the ram in dual channel... instead of the normal 800mhz your ram moduals would work at an effective 1600mhz frequency. this is double the frequency youd get from single channel. this will help LOTS , it also would benifit you future proofing and in overclocking..! :P
  5. oh and remember to buy the dual channel pack instead of buying two 1gigabytes of ram separtely, it ensures they will work together properly and it is usually cheaper than buying then sepatartely.
    hope this helps :P
  6. Just a quick tip on the case. If you are going to use the P150 you could easily swap it for the Antec Solo... its the same case, but in black with a silver front and it comes without a power supply since it seems like you plan on replacing it anyways. That move alone should save you another $60 that you could either pocket or re-invest in the system.

    The only significant differences in the case are the colour (white for P150 vs black for SOLO) and the fact that the 5.25 bays aren't hidden/plated as black drives are widely available.

    Hope that helps some.
  7. Thank you for all the great input.

    I think I will stick with the 2*1 GB for now to ensure I can upgrade to 4 GB when necessary.

    I will certainly be looking at Antec Solo Case - thank you for the tip!

    Anybody have some thoughts on the Nvidia 7900GT vs. ATI X1900XT? - Is the ATI worth the 100 USD extra? - Is there a difference in the noise level?
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