XP drive formated and windows 7 drive after installation win 7 not working


all i want is if c drive(having xp) formated then how can i recover win 7 on d drive?

i am trying to resolve this problem from alot of time but i cant find this on internet as well.
let me tell u the scenario i am installing xp on c drive and win 7 on d drive but if xp drive is formated and again xp installed on c what should we do to bring back windows 7 .i tried alot of things like easy bcd vista downloader windows 7 startup recovery tool with commands like
bootrec /fixmbr
bootsect.exe /nt60all
but it dosent work,,
i thought i should ask u guys
i noted that 7 install 3 files on c drive that are bootmgr,etc
if i keep these files back up nd replace it after installation should it work
its really messed up man.
i have looked in microsoft help nd also repaired system32 bcdedit
but didnt work
any suggestion and i know we can use virtual box etc but i want to solve this problem only so kindly provide help on this thnx in advance
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  1. The XP bootloader writes over the 7/vista bootloader.

    So installing XP on a pre-existing Win7 pc, you'll need to repair the Windows 7 boot file and add XP to the Windows Boot Manager list.

    Either install XP first, or if you've already installed xp on a Win7 PC, follow these next steps.

    1. Run EasyBCD.

    2. On the left side of the EasyBCD window, click on the "Add New Entry" button.

    A) In the top section under Operating Systems, click on the Windows tab.

    B) To the right of Type, select Windows NT/2k/XP/2k3 from the drop down menu.

    Leave the "Automatically detect correct drive" box checked.

    C) To the right of Name, leave the default Microsoft Windows XP as the name to be displayed in the Windows Boot Manager.

    D) Click on the Add Entry button.

    3. On the left side of EasyBCD, click on the Bootloader Setup button, select the "Install Windows Vista/7 bootloader to the MBR" option, and click on the Write MBR button.

    4. Close EasyBCD.

    5. Restart.

    EDIT- If you don't need XP, then click on "Windows XP" and click on "Delete" on the EasyBCD "Edit boot menu" window.

    Also, once you format C:\, the D:\ drive becomes the de-facto C:\ drive (system drive) for the currently installed OS (WIN7 in your case).

    If you again try to install XP or anything else on that drive, the old existing installation (Windows.old or something) will become unrecoverable.

    The files will still work, but it can't be used as an OS any more.
  2. the isse with using thirdparty software is that you will never know when it contains a malware or worm

    find the official microsoft procedure in a detailed note here


    virtual shyam
  3. In general, always install windows OS's in order from oldest to newest in order to prevent the boot loader from being over written with an older version that doesn't know about the newer OS's.
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