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ok my school furnishes mac books (the white ones) im currently running mac osx snow leopard 1.6.8
they had i locked down so i edited some files and gave myself admin on my account next week they are doing computer checks... i really dont need to get in trouble so is there any way i can delete my harddrive or preferably give an "error" that requires reinstall? i have already backed up all my files
please help :) thanks
also i do not have a osx disc i will be using casper admin to reformat with our network admin guy
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  1. Please don't ask for help circumventing security restrictions put in place by your employer. These things are done for a good reason.
  2. anyone? its not my employer its my high school
  3. jagsta21 said:

    No. As Ijack said, we do not assist users with bypassing security.
  4. im not bypassing security i have already done that i need to erase my hardrive or make it give an error
  5. jagsta21 said:
    im not bypassing security i have already done that i need to erase my hardrive or make it give an error

    We do not assist with that, even after the fact. It's not your computer, we are not going to help you screw it up deliberately.
  6. ill take my business elsewhere
  7. jagsta21 said:
    ill take my business elsewhere

    What business? I wasn't aware that we got paid
  8. I'm going to give you some advice, Highschool is a joke. Don't fret over it. So you did something you shouldn't have, slap on the wrist. You're better off just handing it in "as is" then trying to cover it.
  9. ill just take some stuff out of my hardrive and put it back together and say it stopped working
  10. The fact is that you likely shouldn't have altered the system and were supposed to be bound by an agreement to change the system files and could be liable for damages, if they see fit. If your school was smart, they would understand what you did was something most students might not know or want to do, but you still broke protocol. But, if you were smart enough to figure out how to 'fix' it the first time, perhaps you are smart enough to 'fix it back' now. My guess is that you Googled how to do it and don't know how to revert it.

    Sorry- forum rules prevent us from assisting in this matter.
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